The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in March 2014
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# Changes Title Popularity
1++Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
4+389Lupita Nyong'o
5+1252Saint Patrick's Day
6-1Lists of deaths by year
8+8812 Years a Slave (film)
9+6Frozen (2013 film)
10+4The Walking Dead (TV series)
11+62Dallas Buyers Club
12+27686th Academy Awards
13-1United States
14+49981Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation
15+299300: Rise of an Empire
16+23Vladimir Putin
17+7Game of Thrones
19+418Crimean War
20+12083Air France Flight 447
21+217Idina Menzel
220The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 film)
23+9List of Hindi films of 2014
24+48Jennifer Lawrence
26+4746How I Met Your Mother
27-20House of Cards (American TV series)
28+80Gravity (2013 film)
29+108Captain America: The Winter Soldier
30+20Pharrell Williams
31+494Cate Blanchett
32+204Academy Awards
33+14Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
34+93Sunny Leone
35+1674Boeing 777
36+451South Park: The Stick of Truth
37+3271Breaking Bad
39-1World War II
40+2748Ash Wednesday
41+321Divergent (novel)
42+1World War I
44+736Shrove Tuesday
45+43American Hustle
47+2873List of Arrow episodes
48+560Mardi Gras
50+885Divergent (film)
51+2010Resurrection (American TV series)
52+302WrestleMania XXX
53+132014 in film
54+5081Ellen DeGeneres
55-4Adolf Hitler
57-11Barack Obama
58-4The Big Bang Theory
60+38The Hunger Games
61++L'Wren Scott
62+6United Kingdom
63+140Vikings (TV series)
64+5Transformers: Age of Extinction
65+1198Steve McQueen (director)
66+8823International Women's Day
67+2635Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
68+327Brad Pitt
69+225Angelina Jolie
71+54862014 ICC World Twenty20
72+10European Union
73+113Soviet Union
74+798300 (film)
75+135Amy Adams
76+177Kevin Spacey
77++Dorothy Height
78+51Black Death
79+287Once Upon a Time (TV series)
80+7558Saint Patrick
81+1556Eva Green
82+3239Oscar Pistorius
83+22Lil Wayne
84+20Benedict Cumberbatch
86+130Scarlett Johansson
87+35Cristiano Ronaldo
88+1095Ragini MMS 2
89+402Non-Stop (film)
90+21383Fred Phelps
92-21Justin Bieber
93+33Her (film)
95+7304Group of Eight
96+475Hannibal (TV series)
97+86Lionel Messi
98+158Mila Kunis
99+640Shailene Woodley
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