The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in October 2015
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+29339Web scraping
2+1Lists of deaths by year
4+2439Justin Trudeau
50Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign
7++Unforgiven (2004)
8+443Black hole
10+2974Internet Protocol television
11+162List of The Flash episodes
12+86Star Wars: The Force Awakens
13+1252015 Canadian federal election
15+115The Martian (film)
16+290American Horror Story: Hotel
17+71The Walking Dead (TV series)
18+33UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying
19+1United States
20-3List of Bollywood films of 2015
21+144Spectre (2015 film)
22+33Chikki Panday
25+115Star Wars
26+25855Lamar Odom
27+572The Walking Dead (season 6)
28+17Drake (musician)
29+102015 Rugby World Cup
3002016 United States presidential election
310Lists of Doctor Who episodes
32+205Supergirl (TV series)
33-25Pablo Escobar
36+25Barack Obama
37+69Opinion polling for the 2015 Canadian federal election
38+68545Yowamushi Pedal
39+849Crimson Peak
40-62015 in film
41+218The Flash (2014 TV series)
42+24Steve Jobs
43+27Bernie Sanders
44+81Quantico (TV series)
45+218The X Factor (British series 12)
46-10Dancing with the Stars (American season 21)
48-24Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
49-34Fear the Walking Dead
50++Diaspora politics
52-39Donald Trump
53+735Hell in a Cell (2015)
54++Workers' compensation
55+1Scream Queens (2015 TV series)
56+23List of most-viewed YouTube videos
57+2271Back to the Future
58-48Mr. Robot
59+5351Pierre Trudeau
60+2469Michael J. Fox
61-40Syrian civil war
62+12Gotham (TV series)
63+79Lists of One Piece episodes
64+9List of presidents of the United States
65-6World War II
67+30742William Gibson
68+336American Horror Story
69+381List of Arrow episodes
71+407The Voice (American season 9)
72+413Steve Jobs (film)
74+6143Bigg Boss (Hindi season 9)
75-3United Kingdom
76++Russian military intervention in the Syrian civil war
77+93A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
78+646List of The Walking Dead episodes
79+194Arrow (TV series)
80+19Martin Luther King Jr.
82+30Heroes Reborn (miniseries)
83-26Ben Carson
84+859Fargo (TV series)
85+59Mahatma Gandhi
86+71Supernatural (American TV series)
87+76381Hard problem of consciousness
88++Tabby's Star
89-7Amazon (company)
90+4022016 Democratic Party presidential debates and forums
91+63Jessica Jones
92+4145Trans-Pacific Partnership
93+95List of South Park episodes
94+2List of Steven Universe episodes
96+6874Great white shark
97+6360Dell EMC
98-14Taylor Swift
99+6513Back to the Future Part II
100-9Lionel Messi
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