The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+119The Fate of the Furious
2+1453Aaron Hernandez
30Lists of deaths by year
4+1WrestleMania 33
5+169Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
6+40872GBU-43/B MOAB
7+24715Vinod Khanna
8++Katherine Langford
9+23527Charlie Murphy
10+22931Erin Moran
11-2Donald Trump
12+1032Emmanuel Macron
13+262The Undertaker
14+175North Korea
15++Murder of Odin Lloyd
16-14Beauty and the Beast (2017 film)
17+565Kendrick Lamar
18+259Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
19-2United States
20+1389List of Hindi films of 2017
21+3092017 French presidential election
23+365Prison Break (season 5)
24+86485Sergio García
25-24Logan (film)
26-11Riverdale (2017 TV series)
27+402Fast & Furious
28+9770Don Rickles
29+35Split (2016 American film)
30-10Big Little Lies (TV series)
31+20Dwayne Johnson
32-12017 in film
33+23040Tomahawk (missile)
34+134Opinion polling for the 2017 French presidential election
35+103613 Reasons Why
36-15Elizabeth II
37+22Elon Musk
38+359Kim Jong-un
39+14Ghost in the Shell (2017 film)
40+30Cristiano Ronaldo
41+56Albert Einstein
42+174Vin Diesel
44+1Adolf Hitler
45+6736Bill O'Reilly (political commentator)
46-42Get Out
47-18List of The Flash episodes
48+92John Cena
49-25Joan Crawford
50+37Lionel Messi
51-5World War II
52+2World War I
53-34The Walking Dead (season 7)
54+19Rogue One
56+2323Payback (2017)
57+14482017 NFL Draft
59+259Baahubali: The Beginning
60+230Syrian civil war
61+1558Eddie Murphy
63+329Thor: Ragnarok
64-54Power Rangers (film)
66+884Rick and Morty
67-44XXX: Return of Xander Cage
68++Fazlur Rahman Khan
69-63Kong: Skull Island
70+817Marine Le Pen
71+8235UFC 210
72+1490Bill Nye
73++Justin Rose
74+55Star Wars
75+861Nikki Bella
76-58Emma Watson
77+5924420 (cannabis culture)
78+1035April Fools' Day
79-21Game of Thrones
80+689Better Call Saul
81+6403Good Friday
83+395The Boss Baby
84+3732List of Rick and Morty episodes
85+186Star Wars: The Last Jedi
86++Brandon Flynn
87+9967Henrietta Lacks
88-32United Kingdom
89+435Korean War
91+327Charlize Theron
93-38The Walking Dead (TV series)
94-27Stephen Hawking
96-35Barack Obama
97+68List of highest-grossing films
98-63Moana (2016 film)
99+46457Father of All Bombs
100-18Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film)
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