The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2015
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+36039Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
3+53604Baahubali: The Beginning
4+3Lists of deaths by year
5+1633A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
8+266Ant-Man (film)
9+307Suicide Squad (film)
10+33Terminator Genisys
11+497Bajrangi Bhaijaan
12+1291Suicide Squad
13+39Donald Trump
14-11Jurassic World
15+82015 in film
16+13United States
17+546List of highest-grossing Indian films
18+18281Royal Canadian Mounted Police
19+9List of Bollywood films of 2015
20+1543New Horizons
21+13True Detective
23-11Flags of the Confederate States of America
24+67211Satoru Iwata
26+235Minions (film)
27+66Mr. Robot
28+6512015 CONCACAF Gold Cup
30+1List of Ayatollahs
31++Cropsey (film)
33-27Game of Thrones
34+259Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
35+10898Moshe Dayan
36+135Cara Delevingne
37-27Orange Is the New Black
38+2Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
39+7Inside Out (2015 film)
40+137Serena Williams
41++Special Night Squads
42++Eiji Tsuburaya
43+172Roger Federer
44+5List of highest-grossing films
47-42Caitlyn Jenner
48+183Amy Schumer
49+161List of file formats
51+61List of Steven Universe episodes
52+84593Memphis Pyramid
53++Yakub Memon
56+192Audio bit depth
57+629Dragon Ball Super
58+126Ariana Grande
60+574Margot Robbie
61+73List of Suits episodes
62+24Windows 10
63+83Captain America: Civil War
64-8Wayward Pines
65+89Novak Djokovic
66+13812Omar Sharif
67+150Battleground (2015)
68+18834Vyapam scam
69+63List of True Detective episodes
70+1023Independence Day (United States)
71+313Johnny Depp
72+17List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes
73+1467Harley Quinn
74+25Barack Obama
75+39Bernie Sanders
77+1430Pixels (2015 film)
78+365UFC 189
79-52Mad Max: Fury Road
80-44Batman: Arkham Knight
81+6United Kingdom
82-2Magnet URI scheme
84+898Bobbi Kristina Brown
85+393Manchester United F.C.
86-39Avengers: Age of Ultron
87+4642015 Wimbledon Championships
89+742Conor McGregor
90-12Emilia Clarke
91+27819Ida B. Wells
92+4046Tsar Bomba
93-12List of Running Man episodes
94-30Taylor Swift
95++Online casino
96+486Ronda Rousey
98+240X-Men: Apocalypse
99+9302Enchantress (DC Comics)
100+293Will Smith
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