The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+626Prince (musician)
20Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
3+257The Jungle Book (2016 film)
4-3Donald Trump
5+18Captain America: Civil War
7++Panama Papers
8+6WrestleMania 32
9+195Fan (film)
10+44Game of Thrones
11+418Kobe Bryant
12-4Barack Obama
13+2321Harriet Tubman
14+8United States
15+1326Rogue One
16+78Elizabeth II
17+5341William Shakespeare
18++Pratyusha Banerjee
19+50951Claude Shannon
20+12Descendants of the Sun
21+19Star Wars: The Force Awakens
22+466O. J. Simpson
23-12Bernie Sanders
24++Hertha Ayrton
25+7439Hillsborough disaster
26+16749Merle Haggard
27-212016 Democratic Party presidential primaries
28-18Deadpool (film)
29+8Stephen Curry
30+1The Walking Dead (TV series)
32-20The Walking Dead (season 6)
33++List of people named in the Panama Papers
34+869O. J. Simpson murder case
35+61Suicide Squad (film)
36+103Michael Jordan
37+62016 in film
38-342016 Republican Party presidential primaries
39+14Adolf Hitler
40+679The Huntsman: Winter's War
41+6108Views (album)
43+56Michael Jackson
44+94950Victoria Wood
45+10842016 NFL Draft
46-18Hillary Clinton
47++Lemonade (Beyoncé album)
48+421Chernobyl disaster
49+591Theri (film)
50+31Cristiano Ronaldo
51+24078Doris Roberts
52+55683Rachel Roy
53+913April Fools' Day
54+296UFC 197
55+55393Purple Rain (film)
56+3546Payback (2016)
58-16List of presidents of the United States
59+5World War II
60+54John Cena
61+24Dwayne Johnson
63-34The Revenant (2015 film)
64+9Lucifer (TV series)
66+77Star Wars
67-8Legends of Tomorrow
68+784Andrew Jackson
69+6The Flash (2014 TV series)
70+165Drake (musician)
71+617Robert Kardashian
72+63315Danny Willett
73-54Ted Cruz
74+250Charles Manson
75+139Alexander Hamilton
76-15Supergirl (TV series)
78+5052Gigi Hadid
79+61List of Better Call Saul episodes
800Lionel Messi
81+2United Kingdom
82+295Fear the Walking Dead
83+61116The Jungle Book
84+136Hamilton (musical)
85+415Shaquille O'Neal
86+168Leicester City F.C.
87+49Stephen Hawking
88-17Better Call Saul
89+58717Blac Chyna
90+7872Scarlett Johansson
91+34901Purple Rain (album)
92+465971896 Summer Olympics
93+6878Jordan Spieth
94+21966Jeffrey Dean Morgan
95-742016 United States presidential election
96-28Zayn Malik
97+13909Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
98+19Sunny Leone
99+62Vikings (TV series)
100-85Melania Trump
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