The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+1674Ruth Bader Ginsburg
2++Amy Coney Barrett
3+63Killing of Breonna Taylor
4+3Tenet (film)
5+4213Dennis Nilsen
6-1Lists of deaths by year
7+181Mulan (2020 film)
8+133The Boys (TV series)
9-3Joe Biden
10+1501Ratched (TV series)
11+81Cobra Kai
12+137S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
13-11Chadwick Boseman
14+8Microsoft Office
16+370September 11 attacks
17+533I'm Thinking of Ending Things
18+638Enola Holmes (film)
19+342The Devil All the Time (film)
20-11Donald Trump
21+1272Proud Boys
22+1140Raised by Wolves (American TV series)
24+87Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
26-8COVID-19 pandemic
27+2496Naomi Osaka
28++Among Us
29+226Schitt's Creek
30+628Millie Bobby Brown
31-5Lovecraft Country (TV series)
32+8876Diana Rigg
33+1571Nurse Ratched
34+90Periodic table
36+529William Zabka
37-17COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory
38+5267Supreme Court of the United States
39+996Dune (2021 film)
40+289Dan Levy (Canadian actor)
41+312Ralph Macchio
42+780Sarah Paulson
43-7Beau Biden
44+83LeBron James
45-33Elon Musk
46-3Elizabeth II
47-9United States
48-22020 United States presidential election
49+2274Dune (novel)
50+8342Tyler Herro
51+12302020 United States presidential debates
52-51Kamala Harris
53+18401Clash of Champions (2020)
54+71Antifa (United States)
55+132016 United States presidential election
56+90Hunter Biden
58-42Rhea Chakraborty
61+5833Antebellum (film)
62+2985Liu Yifei
63+19142Sandra Day O'Connor
64+32431Martin D. Ginsburg
65-1Cristiano Ronaldo
66+1007Kangana Ranaut
67+684Candace Owens
68-21Lucifer (TV series)
70+1146PUBG: Battlegrounds
71+20Keanu Reeves
73+21019Away (TV series)
74+842020 Atlantic hurricane season
75+825Paris Hilton
76-72The Umbrella Academy (TV series)
77+258Judy Garland
78+604UFC 253
79+591Pat Morita
800List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
81+4List of presidents of the United States
82+2539Gareth Bale
83+12Cardi B
85+3267The 1619 Project
86-29Michael Jordan
87+36Big Brother 22 (American season)
88+192Thiago Alcântara
89+24Robert Pattinson
90+6406Chris Wallace
91+699The Karate Kid
92-2Dwayne Johnson
94-27Jeff Bezos
95+4462Patrick Mahomes
96+2762One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (film)
97-43Barack Obama
98+1119Israel Adesanya
99+144United States Electoral College
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