The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in January 2019
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# Changes Title Popularity
101++2019 Australian Open – Women's Singles
102-8Black Mirror
103+8524Novak Djokovic
104+69941Marie Kondo
105+24088Naomi Osaka
106+516Golden Globe Awards
107+3Solar System
109-47Elon Musk
112+13041Celebrity Big Brother 2 (American season)
113+6Adolf Hitler
114++Katelyn Ohashi
115+9HTTP cookie
116+395Bradley Cooper
117+791The Orville
118-6Periodic table
119-63Avengers: Infinity War
120+123Ruth Bader Ginsburg
121+856List of The Sopranos characters
122+197Dragon Ball Super: Broly
123-17World War I
124+510Patrick Mahomes
125-4New York City
126+4814Roger Federer
127+162Suits (American TV series)
129+9611Uri: The Surgical Strike
130+37The Good Place
132+3List of HTTP status codes
133+35Michael Jackson
134+239Brooklyn Nine-Nine
135+1904Super Bowl
138+25Cristiano Ronaldo
139+753UFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw
140-44Marvel Cinematic Universe
141-86Watts family murders
143+3247The Punisher (TV series)
144-26Apple Inc.
147+10122Rafael Nadal
149+36NATO phonetic alphabet
150-80The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
152-54List of TCP and UDP port numbers
154+4Greek alphabet
155+5725Young Justice: Outsiders
156+291Game of Thrones (season 8)
157+133Library Genesis
158+80Mahatma Gandhi
159+21336Martin Luther King Jr. Day
160+8370Andrew Cunanan
161+13950The Rising of the Shield Hero
162-112Mary Poppins Returns
163+111Mike Tyson
166+72463Bob Einstein
167+59Amazon (company)
168+675Christian Bale
169++Venezuelan presidential crisis
170+2340M. Night Shyamalan
171-49Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán
172+74The Big Bang Theory
173+22140America's Got Talent: The Champions
174+11217Nicolás Maduro
175+55256Polar (film)
176+1006List of agencies affected by the United States federal government shutdown of 2013
177+4498A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV series)
178+1675Mahershala Ali
179+62Elvis Presley
180-6Fast & Furious
181+2492Katherine Schwarzenegger
183+42List of countries by GDP (nominal)
184+1648Luther (TV series)
185+866Chris Pratt
186+612Eurovision Song Contest 2019
187+66This Is Us
188+2264Zinedine Zidane
189+243Shameless (American TV series)
190+541Petta (film)
191+16822020 Democratic Party presidential primaries
192-53Vikings (2013 TV series)
193+30List of WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network events
194+41202Carol Channing
195+1856List of Bollywood films of 2019
196+12375Murder of James Bulger
197++Lauren Sánchez
198+311Keanu Reeves
199+3481The Upside
200-80Captain Marvel (film)
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