The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2011
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+30416Ryan Dunn
2+31X-Men: First Class
3+37Transformers: Dark of the Moon
4+11Game of Thrones
5-1Lists of deaths by year
6+436Father's Day
8+4United States
9-7Lady Gaga
10+24320Anthony Weiner
11+137Death of Caylee Anthony
12+29Selena Gomez
13+357Green Lantern (film)
14+4Justin Bieber
17+16049Green Lantern
19+672X-Men (film series)
20+15803Lunar eclipse
21+177Dirk Nowitzki
22+34502Huma Abedin
23+572Glee (TV series)
24+115The Transformers (TV series)
25+55012011 CONCACAF Gold Cup
26+30Lil Wayne
27+26561Summer solstice
28+149True Blood
29+858Rafael Nadal
30+993Roger Federer
31+70Planking (fad)
32+67Michael Jackson
33-3The Hangover Part II
34+84LeBron James
35+22Nicki Minaj
36+8United Kingdom
37+2907Whitey Bulger
38+70Tupac Shakur
41+877Duke Nukem Forever
42+22Rebecca Black
43+322011 in film
44+161UFC 131
45-44Osama bin Laden
46+70Katy Perry
47+911Michele Bachmann
48+44Harry Potter
49-10World War II
50+863Mark Cuban
51-6The Big Bang Theory
52-36Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
54-3Doctor Who
55+42The Dark Knight Rises
56+253Shaquille O'Neal
59+65439Sebastian Shaw (character)
60-35Adolf Hitler
61+695Blake Lively
62+1835Wii U
63-11Jennifer Lopez
64+189Megan Fox
66+65146Azazel (Marvel Comics)
67+162Mila Kunis
68-18Johnny Depp
69+3030Hell: The Sequel
70+17924Peter Falk
71+83South Park
72+38793Clarence Clemons
73+942Cars 2
74+253Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
75-62Elizabeth II
76+29Mark Zuckerberg
77+2656Human penis size
78+31Michael Jordan
79-17World War I
80+495Ryan Reynolds
81-13Dr. Dre
82-1Natalie Portman
83+16610Jason Kidd
84+67375Rory McIlroy
85-54Barack Obama
87+161Bradley Cooper
89+70Britney Spears
90+143Drake (musician)
91+43Android (operating system)
93+67Miley Cyrus
94+1103James McAvoy
96+194Jennifer Aniston
97+10864Paul Revere
98+291Neil Patrick Harris
99-13Two and a Half Men
100+10John F. Kennedy
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