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# Changes Title Popularity
1+3United States presidential line of succession
2+1List of emotions
3-1List of prime ministers of the United Kingdom
4-3Names of God in Islam
5+3List of U.S. states
6+5Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution
7+7Race (sociology)
8+5List of vegetables
9+3List of countries by continents
10-5List of current United States governors
11-5Monopoly (game)
12-3List of districts in Tamil Nadu
13+21List of districts in Delhi
14-4Old Testament
15+624-hour clock
16+3List of colors
17+8The Dark Knight Trilogy
20+4List of European countries
22+24Republican Party (United States)
23+6Political parties in the United States
24-7List of districts in Maharashtra
26-3List of fruits
27+370Michael Jordan
28+5List of Egyptian gods and goddesses
30+17List of U.S. states and territories by time zone
32+29List of best-selling singles
33+251List of U.S. states by population
34+41List of districts in Uttar Pradesh
36-9History of Christianity
38+47Hanged, drawn and quartered
39+15List of countries by area
40+3Knights of the Round Table
43-15History of the United States
44-13List of states and union territories of India by area
45-15Ten Commandments
46+54Watergate scandal
48-30List of districts in Karnataka
49-11List of Disney characters
50+48Islamic calendar
51-11Phases of the Moon
52+41Primary color
55+625Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
56+11Standard deviation
57-2List of cities in France
58-6Democratic Party (United States)
59+713Avatar: The Last Airbender
61+3List of U.S. states by date of admission to the Union
62-21List of United States cities by population
63+25RSA algorithm
64-44Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution
67+13Solar System
68+10List of musical instruments
69+2List of U.S. states by population density
70+213Rabindranath Tagore
71-23World Ocean
72+22Great Wall of China
73+10List of elements by symbol
74+21Global warming
75+12Luna Lovegood
76-13Subject (school)
78-12United States
79+162Daphne (mythology)
80+2List of districts in Andhra Pradesh
81+59Logic gate
82+155Joe Biden
83-44Yellowstone National Park
84+30List of gods and goddesses
85+367Telegram (software)
86-42Twelve Apostles
87-45Succession to the British throne
88-39List of countries
91+6899Color of the day (police)
93-2Schrödinger's cat
94+11President of Russia
96+526List of Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes
97-75List of London Underground stations
98-42Washington, D.C.
99+63List of U.S. state nicknames
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