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10List of U.S. states by population
2+13Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution
3+3Carles Puigdemont
5+14United States Electoral College
6+4List of U.S. states
7+166Fictional character
8++The Princess Switch: Switched Again
9-7U.S. Presidential line of succession
10+23List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom
11-4Political parties in the United States
12-3Republican Party (United States)
13-8List of emotions
14-10Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution
16+7Democratic Party (United States)
170RSA algorithm
18-6Logic gate
20+9List of U.S. state capitals
21-1List of U.S. states and territories by time zone
22-4List of colors
23+92116Angel Has Fallen
24+52Joe Biden
25-11List of countries by continents
26-424-hour clock
28+2List of fruits
30-9Old Testament
31-7The Dark Knight Trilogy
32+51451Godzilla: King of the Monsters
33+56List of World Chess Champions
34+7History of the United States
35+66The Devil All the Time (movie)
36+8List of Egyptian gods and goddesses
37-5List of United States cities by population
38+4List of U.S. states by population density
40++Shrek 2 (video game)
41+48603World War Z (movie)
42+73List of presidents of the United States
43-17List of vegetables
45+1072008 United States presidential election
46+278Rust Belt
48+17List of United States governors
51++The Santa Clause 2
53+51List of current members of the United States Senate
54-4List of cities in France
55-2Knights of the Round Table
56-1History of Christianity
57+6List of amendments to the United States Constitution
58-6The Invisible Man (2020 movie)
59+38Call of Duty series
60+19United States
62+18List of countries
63+18805The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
64+22Age of consent
65+38396A Quiet Place (movie)
66+37From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
69-15Provinces and territories of Canada
70++Venom: Let There Be Carnage
71+72603Friday the 13th (2009 movie)
72+15Constitution of the United States
73+2872020 United States presidential election
74+9List of Disney characters
75-7List of Roman gods and goddesses
76+35Donald Trump
77+21Treaty of Versailles
78-8Names for large numbers
79+221Watergate scandal
80-7Standard deviation
81+28English language
83-19Coefficient of friction
84+12Deaths in 2020
85+741Anthony Eden
86+573Avatar: The Last Airbender
87-10Primary color
89+46735Train to Busan
91-7Occam's razor
92+13Phases of the Moon
93-11List of U.S. states by date of admission to the Union
94+8Simple English Wikipedia
95-5United States Declaration of Independence
98+43James I of England
100+612-hour clock
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