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This page contains articles of English Wikipedia that have been edited by the largest number of authors in October 2011. In this case, anonymous and registered Wikipedia authors (including bots) were taken into account.

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1+55Occupy Wall Street
2+3922Steve Jobs
3Vengeance (2011)
4+ IPhone 4S
5+7Take Care (album)
6+444The X Factor (British series 8)
7+15Muammar Gaddafi
8+110UFC 137
9List of Occupy movement protest locations
10-62011 Rugby World Cup
112011 World Series
12Killing of Muammar Gaddafi
13+7Lists of deaths by year
14+1092Herman Cain
15Dan Wheldon
16+1787aum Arivu
17+311We Found Love
19+1317Jagjit Singh
21+457Girls' Generation
22+4678Paranormal Activity 3
23Occupy movement
24+24Terra Nova (TV series)
25+5Dancing with the Stars (American season 13)
26Dennis Ritchie
28+1342011–12 Premier League
29+223The Heroes of Olympus
30+138Triple H
31+1565The X Factor (American season 1)
32+1156Rage (video game)
33+259Mylo Xyloto
34Gilad Shalit
35+305Young Money Entertainment
36+316Batman: Arkham City
37Sultan bin Abdulaziz
38+98UEFA Euro 2012 qualifying
39+ Murder of Meredith Kercher
40+358The Wanted
41+1655Real Steel
420China Anne McClain
43+17The Miz
44+ St. Louis Cardinals
45Tomas Tranströmer
48+4310Bigg Boss (Hindi season 5)
492011 Van earthquakes
50+156Jessie J
51+29The Undertaker
52+290IOS version history
53+413Arab Spring
54Lord's Resistance Army
55+627List of Big Time Rush episodes
56+158Cher Lloyd
58+628Miss World 2011
59+1099List of characters in mythology novels by Rick Riordan
60+3170The Wedding of River Song
61Galaxy Nexus
62Marco Simoncelli
63Aakash (tablet)
64-502011 Atlantic hurricane season
65+ The Thing (2011 film)
66+216American Revolutionary War
67Al Davis
68+828Chael Sonnen
69+335Robin van Persie
70+1232Evanescence (Evanescence album)
71+85Dance Moms
72+1868Battle of Sirte (2011)
73+2077IPod Touch
75+205Lulu (Lou Reed and Metallica album)
76Once Upon a Time (TV series)
77+247List of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN
78+154First Libyan Civil War
79Jimmy Savile
80+ The Son of Neptune
82+470Rick Perry
83Yulia Tymoshenko
84+254History of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi
85-39Mausam (2011 film)
86+578Strictly Come Dancing (series 9)
87-55Two and a Half Men
88Hank Williams Jr.
89+651000 Ways to Die
90-54Cole World: The Sideline Story
91+769Johnny English Reborn
92+ American Horror Story
93Dan Shechtman
94+8042011 Irish presidential election
95+177The Secret Circle (TV series)
96+160Bound for Glory (2011)
97-7So Random!
98+4584The Walking Dead (TV series)
99+493Just Dance 3
100+120The X Factor (American TV series)
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