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This page contains articles of English Wikipedia that have been edited by the largest number of authors in April 2010. In this case, anonymous and registered Wikipedia authors (including bots) were taken into account.

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1Smolensk air disaster
20Lists of deaths by year
3Air travel disruption after the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption
42010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull
5+933Deadliest Warrior
6+202010 Indian Premier League
7+201Clash of the Titans (2010 film)
8+244Kick-Ass (film)
10+194Iron Man 2
11+16852010 United Kingdom general election
12+146Dill Mill Gayye
13+2885Last Girl on Earth
14+1112The Eleventh Hour (Doctor Who)
15200 (South Park)
16+ Javier Hernández
17+27Miss Universe 2010
18+50Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
19Lech Kaczyński
20+18List of Ben 10 characters
21+1473UFC 112
22+88List of ABS-CBN original programming
23+777Good Luck Charlie
242010 Stanley Cup playoffs
25201 (South Park)
26+982009–10 Premier League
27List of Google Easter eggs
282010 Kyrgyz Revolution
29+945Adventure Time
30+90Invader Zim
31+1313Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
32Wife selling (English custom)
342010 Yushu earthquake
35+139Glee (TV series)
36+3750Extreme Rules (2010)
37+105Indian Premier League
38+32The 39 Clues
39+35Jake Hager
41Medicinal Fried Chicken
43+139List of Wizards of Waverly Place episodes
44+628Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
45+905Doctor Who
47+4069Guru (rapper)
48+148Desperate Housewives (season 6)
49+ The Monster Ball Tour
50+56How to Train Your Dragon (film)
51+31512009–10 NHL season
52+762009–10 UEFA Champions League
53-35Telephone (song)
54+942010 in film
55+451Red Dead Redemption
56+682The Last Song (2010 film)
57+419House (season 6)
58+156Sura (film)
59July 12, 2007, Baghdad airstrike
60Tupolev Tu-154
61+313Toy Story 3
62-48Alice in Wonderland (2010 film)
63+731Chennai Super Kings
64War of 1812
65+453Fever (Bullet for My Valentine album)
66+506Not Myself Tonight
67+169Grand Theft Auto IV
682010 Baja California earthquake
69The Time of Angels
70Effects of the April 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption
71Shashi Tharoor
72+ WikiLeaks
73+637The Apprentice (American season 9)
74You Have 0 Friends
75+ Twilight (Meyer novel)
76-34Dancing with the Stars (American season 10)
77Victory of the Daleks
78+952Slash (album)
792010 United Kingdom general election debates
80+4008Good Friday
81+703Ultimate Fighting Championship
82+442List of characters in the Family Guy franchise
83+4129List of Waterloo Road characters
84-80Battlefield: Bad Company 2
85+3595420 (cannabis culture)
86+1842010 FIFA World Cup
87+ Wayne Rooney
88Over the Limit (2010)
90Raavan (2010 film)
91+41Rated R (Rihanna album)
92+ José Mourinho
94-32Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
95Oklahoma City bombing
96+172Mike Tyson
97-51Rude Boy (Rihanna song)
98Death and state funeral of Lech and Maria Kaczyński
992010 NBA playoffs
100+250Justin Bieber
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