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This page contains articles of English Wikipedia that have been edited by the largest number of authors in March 2012. In this case, anonymous and registered Wikipedia authors (including bots) were taken into account.

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1+231The Hunger Games (film)
2+194American Idol (season 11)
3Killing of Trayvon Martin
4Kandahar massacre
5Toulouse and Montauban shootings
6+126List of The Hunger Games characters
7IPad (3rd generation)
9+525The Hunger Games
10Joseph Kony
11+853Agent Vinod (2012 film)
12-82012 Republican Party presidential primaries
13+ 2012 Asia Cup
14-2Lists of deaths by year
15+153Davy Jones (musician)
16+3276Priority date
17+2351Assassin's Creed III
18+416The Lorax (film)
19-5List of Tracy Beaker Returns episodes
20Kony 2012
21+115Robin van Persie
22+3292Jennifer Lawrence
23+291The Walking Dead (TV series)
24Jason Russell
252012 NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament
26+40Miss Universe 2012
27Rush Limbaugh–Sandra Fluke controversy
28House of Anubis
29+315RuPaul's Drag Race (season 4)
30+5282011–12 UEFA Champions League
31+17Windows 8
32+808John Carter (film)
33+89Starships (song)
34+20Part of Me (Katy Perry song)
35+35Results of the 2012 Republican Party presidential primaries
36Pink slime
37Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria
38Fabrice Muamba
39+ Mass Effect 3
40GCB (TV series)
41Andrew Breitbart
42+2774Saint Patrick's Day
43+41Alcatraz (TV series)
44+ NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament
45-11Tracy Beaker Returns
46+368Ninjago (TV series)
473 (2012 Indian film)
48Deepsea Challenger
49Roberto Di Matteo
50+1358Peeta Mellark
51+172011–12 Premier League
52+922Call Me Maybe
53+39Super Junior
54+ Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
55+527Assassin's Creed
56+260Desperate Housewives (season 8)
57+1772011–12 La Liga
58Lord's Resistance Army
59+2679Dancing with the Stars (American season 14)
60Akhilesh Yadav
61+411Carly Rae Jepsen
62+72Somebody That I Used to Know
63Mohammed Merah
64+24List of WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network events
65Missing (American TV series)
66+2324London, Paris, New York
67+1517Katniss Everdeen
682012 Malian coup d'état
69+1857UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann
70+56List of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes
71Encyclopædia Britannica
72-52Syrian civil war
732012 Russian presidential election
74+516How I Met Your Mother (season 7)
75+ 21 Jump Street (film)
76+194Big Bang (band)
77+25List of Skins episodes
78-2621 (Adele album)
79Sandra Fluke
80George Tupou V
81+ Catching Fire
82+244List of South Korean idol groups
83+283Talk That Talk
84+508FIFA 12
85Jessica Sanchez
86+ Saint Patrick
87+ The Legend of Korra
88+304UFC 146
89Akira Yoshizawa
90+1402012 in film
91+197List of 2012 albums
92+478Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
93Mother's Day
94+284Survivor: One World
95+ Project X (2012 film)
96-54List of The Story of Tracy Beaker (franchise) characters
97+ The OF Tape Vol. 2
98+680Housefull 2
99Tornado outbreak of March 2–3, 2012
100+236List of Ben 10 characters
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