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1+1COVID-19 pandemic
2+2COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
3+25Lists of deaths by year
5+125List of deaths due to COVID-19
6Irrfan Khan
7Captain Tom Moore
82020 Nova Scotia attacks
9+95Trolls World Tour
10Rishi Kapoor
11+3COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom
12+26COVID-19 misinformation
132020 Easter tornado outbreak
14+ Extraction (2020 film)
15COVID-19 pandemic in West Bengal
16+ Money in the Bank (2020)
17+361Zoom Video Communications
18+12Master (2021 film)
19+705UFC 249
20+34COVID-19 pandemic in Africa
21+29COVID-19 pandemic in New York (state)
22+12COVID-19 pandemic in France
23+629Tiger King
24+1638John Prine
25+325COVID-19 lockdown in India
26+42COVID-19 pandemic in Greece
28-22COVID-19 pandemic in Europe
29+7COVID-19 pandemic in Spain
30+130COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico
31+1103Tablighi Jamaat
32Joe Biden sexual assault allegation
33Together at Home
34+120Survivor: Winners at War
35+11COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden
36+202WrestleMania 36
37+3443COVID-19 recession
38+ Money Heist
39+355COVID-19 pandemic in Maharashtra
40+46COVID-19 pandemic in Japan
41+1343COVID-19 pandemic in New York City
42+930Boris Johnson
43+5List of epidemics and pandemics
44+164COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh
45+101List of 2020 albums
46-36COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory
47+91Future Nostalgia
48+18COVID-19 pandemic in California
49IPhone SE (2nd generation)
50Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020
51Tim Brooke-Taylor
52-28COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
53+43Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports
54+6502020–21 Indian Super League
55Kenneth Copeland
57+33COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Ireland
58Brian Dennehy
59+ Keir Starmer
60Adam Schlesinger
61-35COVID-19 pandemic in Australia
62+2964Resident Evil 3 (2020 video game)
63Brett Crozier
64+10COVID-19 pandemic in mainland China
65-23COVID-19 pandemic in India
66Rick May
68Abba Kyari
69COVID-19 apps
70+190COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore
71+191Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on television
72+12Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cinema
73+1863COVID-19 pandemic in Uttar Pradesh
74+444Tornadoes of 2020
75+111COVID-19 pandemic in Massachusetts
76Dalgona coffee
77+17Social distancing
78-58COVID-19 pandemic in Asia
79+87COVID-19 pandemic in Russia
80Thomas Modly
81+517The Masked Singer (American season 3)
82+152Anthony Fauci
83+193COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal
84MasterChef Australia (series 12)
85-25Xenophobia and racism related to the COVID-19 pandemic
86+144COVID-19 pandemic in Karnataka
87+217List of most-streamed artists on Spotify
88+96Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020
89+2459COVID-19 pandemic in Punjab, India
90+3040Tanishk Bagchi
91+203Joe Exotic
92+72COVID-19 pandemic in Serbia
93COVID-19 pandemic in Tamil Nadu
94John Horton Conway
95George Pell
96+816Lover (album)
97-27COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia
98+148The Voice (American season 18)
99Cyclone Harold
100+11022020 NFL Draft
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