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This page contains articles of English Wikipedia that have been edited by the largest number of authors in May 2007. In this case, anonymous and registered Wikipedia authors (including bots) were taken into account.

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1+3List of generation IV Pokémon
2+4List of Naruto characters
4+28List of generation I Pokémon
5+19List of generation III Pokémon
6+288Minutes to Midnight (Linkin Park album)
7+183List of Heroes characters
8+794List of Pirates of the Caribbean characters
10+376Heroes (season 1)
11+ Japan
12+4Lists of deaths by year
14+62List of generation II Pokémon
15+1705Eurovision Song Contest 2007
16Jack Sparrow
17+643Spider-Man 3 (video game)
18+16List of 24 characters
19+1157Eddie Brock
20+52List of One Piece characters
21+39The Beatles
22+70United Kingdom
23-21Virginia Tech shooting
24+106Heroes (American TV series)
26+3478Shrek the Third
27+29List of Pokémon characters
28+148828 Weeks Later
29+15Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
30+690Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
32+146Liverpool F.C.
34+1500Edge (wrestler)
35Through the Looking Glass (Lost)
36+352List of Lost characters
37Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
38+182Harry Potter
39+11Cannabis (drug)
40+498World War I
41+17List of Sonic the Hedgehog characters
43-1The Undertaker
44+82Warriors (novel series)
45Star Wars (film)
46+28George W. Bush
47+367Vanessa Hudgens
48+6424 (TV series)
50+21024 (season 6)
51+175List of recurring The Simpsons characters
52+1826Spider-Man 3
53+153Gameplay of Pokémon
54+ Jerry Falwell
55+ Big Brother (British series 8)
56-16South Park
57+13List of South Park characters
58+2738Mother's Day
59+75Gears of War (video game)
60StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
62+1772Jordin Sparks
63+409Battle of Gettysburg
64-26America's Next Top Model (season 8)
65+289342 (Doctor Who)
66+1940Umbrella (song)
67Eurovision Song Contest
70+1200Venom (character)
71+91Warhammer 40,000
73+449Nicolas Sarkozy
74+1282007 in music
75+1437Grey's Anatomy
76+48Bronze Soldier of Tallinn
772007 UEFA Champions League final
78+22America's Next Top Model
80+1960The Great Khali
81+465Ashley Tisdale
82+38Star Wars
83+261Halo (franchise)
84+470Dr. Dre
85Cutty Sark
86+98New York City
87-51Borat Sagdiyev
88-26Barry Bonds
89+39List of Dragon Ball characters
91+305Slipknot (band)
93+117President of the United States
94+972Jericho (2006 TV series)
95Smells Like Teen Spirit
96+240Red Hot Chili Peppers
97+ Jupiter
98+20List of Scrubs characters
99+863Republic Protests
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