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This page contains articles of English Wikipedia that have been edited by the largest number of authors in May 2008. In this case, anonymous and registered Wikipedia authors (including bots) were taken into account.

# Changes Title Authors
12008 Sichuan earthquake
2+2104Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
3-1Grand Theft Auto IV
4Cyclone Nargis
5+533Iron Man (2008 film)
6-2Lists of deaths by year
7+9American Idol
8-2List of Naruto characters
10+ Britain's Got Talent
11+73American Idol (season 7)
12+2968Indiana Jones (character)
13+53Flavor of Love (season 3)
14+22David Archuleta
15+563Iron Man
16-6List of Ben 10 characters
17Phoenix (spacecraft)
18+34Blackout (Britney Spears album)
20The Strangers (2008 film)
21+207David Cook (singer)
22+318Zoey 101
23+1243Eurovision Song Contest 2008
24+838America's Next Top Model (season 10)
25Hatem Ben Arfa
26+2Fernando Torres
27+73List of generation I Pokémon
28+6List of Zoey 101 episodes
29Eurovision Song Contest 2009
30+434Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
32+2518Boris Johnson
33+1321List of WWE personnel
34+6List of One Piece characters
35Sticky & Sweet Tour
37+159The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
38+34Warhammer 40,000
39+99Barack Obama
40+312Jesse McCartney
41+869UEFA Champions League
42+1860Take a Bow (Rihanna song)
43+433High School Musical 3: Senior Year
44+120List of Bleach characters
45+435Here I Stand (Usher album)
46+104FC Barcelona
48+16List of South Park characters
49+4303Nick Cannon
50+160Jason Castro (singer)
51-33Hard Candy (Madonna album)
52+94Camp Rock
53+245List of Code Geass characters
55-9List of Sonic the Hedgehog characters
56-42Mario Kart Wii
57+3685Ryan Giggs
58+ The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
59+1714 Minutes
60+878Alex Ferguson
61+412008 in music
63+1921Gossip Girl
64+34George W. Bush
65Jaipur bombings
66-24List of Soul Reapers in Bleach
67+151New Zealand
682008 IIHF World Championship
69+3955Harrison Ford
70Memorial Day
71+ 2008 UEFA Champions League final
72+15402008 Indian Premier League
74+ Haze (video game)
75+2695The Chronicles of Narnia
76+48List of recurring The Simpsons characters
77+397Phineas and Ferb
78Battlefield Earth (film)
79+389Bakugan Battle Brawlers
80+624Good Girl Gone Bad
82-70E=MC² (Mariah Carey album)
83+ Super Smash Bros. Melee
84Britney Spears discography
85+77Dancing with the Stars (American season 6)
86+104Chris Paul
88The Unicorn and the Wasp
89+175Desperate Housewives (season 4)
90+634Scrubs (TV series)
91+3195Guitar Hero
92+466Survivor: Micronesia
932008 Lebanon conflict
94+394Celtic F.C.
95+201Code Geass
96+ D. B. Cooper
97+241Characters of the Mario franchise
98+420Didier Drogba
99+ Star Wars
100+294Frank Lampard
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