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This page contains articles of English Wikipedia that have been edited by the largest number of authors in January 2009. In this case, anonymous and registered Wikipedia authors (including bots) were taken into account.

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1+9Gaza War (2008–2009)
2US Airways Flight 1549
3+3Lists of deaths by year
5+3901First inauguration of Barack Obama
6+122Barack Obama
7+341Slumdog Millionaire
8+734Celebrity Big Brother (British series 6)
9+9Britney Spears discography
10+566Total Drama Action
11Fall Out Boy
12+4List of Naruto characters
13+929Gran Torino
14+352The Secret Life of the American Teenager
15+21Ghajini (2008 film)
16+ International reactions to the Gaza War (2008–2009)
17+451Twilight (2008 film)
19+1165Call of Duty: World at War
20+132Windows 7
21+91The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (film)
2281st Academy Awards
23+915Roland Burris
24+4742009 in music
25+129New Moon (novel)
26King Arthur
272009 World Men's Handball Championship
28-8Grand Theft Auto IV
30Russia–Ukraine gas disputes
31+31Seven Pounds
32+1050The Wrestler (2008 film)
33Presidency of Barack Obama
34Sully Sullenberger
35Mahindra Satyam
36+452Just Dance (song)
37+17Rod Blagojevich
38+54The Dark Knight
39+1187Chinese New Year
40Super Bowl XLIII
41+1141The Fame
42+3016A. R. Rahman
43+4855List of presidents of the United States
44All I Ever Wanted (album)
46Arizona Cardinals
47+711Villu (film)
48+58The Sims 3
51+ Gaza City
52+ My Bloody Valentine 3D
53+749Gaza Strip
54+576Dane Cook
55+591Eurovision Song Contest 2009
57+311Poker Face (song)
58America's Best Dance Crew (season 3)
59If U Seek Amy
60-202008 United States presidential election
61+4761Michelle McCool
62+1640Hayley Williams
63+1223Kelly Clarkson
642009 Australian Open – Men's singles
65+2261Kate Winslet
66Ulrika Jonsson
67Ricardo Montalbán
68+20Leona Lewis
69+ 66th Golden Globe Awards
70+140New York Yankees
71+1551Before I Self Destruct
72+ National Football League
74+22022008–09 NFL playoffs
76+10Fallout 3
77-35List of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 characters
78-20I Am... Sasha Fierce
79Kevin Jonas
80+992Killzone 2
81+989George W. Bush
82Kirsten Gillibrand
85+57Edge (wrestler)
87-79Bernie Madoff
89+105Bella Swan
90Joseph Lowery
91Killing of Oscar Grant
92Verne Troyer
93Craig Bellamy
95+361Lionel Messi
96Kurt Warner
97+879Iraq War
98+ Henry Ford
99+1779American Idol
100+ Notorious (2009 film)
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