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# Changes Title Popularity
5+73Matrimonio entre persoas do mesmo sexo
12+78East Sussex
13+88West Sussex
14+252A homosexualidade na historia
15+275Cristianismo e homosexualidade
16-15Carles Puigdemont
17+242Reino de Sussex
18+624Ecgberht de Wessex
19+532Identidade sexual
20+709Sigeric de Essex
22+702Sledda de Essex
23+643Reino de Essex
24+717Sighere de Essex
25+810Saelred de Essex
27+762Sebbi de Essex
28+747Ine de Wessex
29+749Aethelwulf de Wessex
30+757Aethelberht de Wessex
31+890Sigeberht de Wessex
32+752Cerdic de Wessex
33+727Ceolwulf de Wessex
34+763Aethelbald de Wessex
35+782Aethelred I de Wessex
36+752Cenwalh de Wessex
37+839Cynewulf de Wessex
38+760Cynegils de Wessex
39+785Cuthred de Wessex
40+874Ceol de Wessex
41+795Cynric de Wessex
42+806Ceawlin de Wessex
43+750Beorhtric de Wessex
44+785Seaxburh de Wessex
45+847Centwine de Wessex
46-39Eugenio Montale
47+916Cwichelm de Wessex
48+918Abstinencia sexual
49+868Aescwine de Wessex
51+943Aethelheard de Wessex
52+981Cenfus de Wessex
53+1211Seaxred de Essex
54+1145Sigeheard de Essex
55+1230Swithhelm de Essex
56+1304Saeward de Essex
57+1208Sigered de Essex
58+1152Swaefred de Essex
59+1266Turismo sexual
60+1244Swithred de Essex
61+993Abuso sexual
62+869Alfredo o Grande
63+1328Sigeberht I de Essex
64+1277Saeberht de Essex
65+1410Aescwine de Essex
66+1306Offa de Essex
67+1236Sigeberht II de Essex
68+1118Eduardo o Vello
69+1330Swaefberht de Essex
70+1317Heterosexualidade obrigatoria
71+1277Cissa de Sussex
72+1592Sigeric II de Essex
73+1286Nothhelm de Sussex
74-68Galería de escudos dos concellos de Galicia
75+1917Aethelwealh de Sussex
76+10996Advanced Encryption Standard
77+1975Oslac de Sussex
78+1706Ealdwulf de Sussex
79+1800Aelfwald de Sussex
80+1496Berthun de Sussex
81+1680Andhun de Sussex
82+1971Osric de Sussex
83+1859Oswald de Sussex
84+2162Osmund de Sussex
85+2042Watt de Sussex
86+1908Eadwine de Sussex
87+1623Bryni de Sussex
88+30138Data Encryption Standard
89+1501Dimorfismo sexual
90+2146Aethelstan de Sussex
91-77Instrumento musical
92+1919Abuso sexual infantil
94+1887Diversidade sexual
95+2345Æthelberht de Sussex
96-68Lingua tsonga
97+2204Cædwalla de Wessex
98+2607Creoda de Wessex
99+63978The Artist
100-76Gerardo Pardo de Vera
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