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# Title Popularity
1Vietnam War
2American Civil War
3FIFA World Cup
52018 FIFA World Cup
62022 FIFA World Cup
7Russian invasion of Ukraine
8Valentine's Day
92014 FIFA World Cup
10Running Man (TV program)
11Attack on Pearl Harbor
12Korean War
13Olympic Games
14Association football
16Syrian civil war
17Saint Patrick's Day
182010 FIFA World Cup
19Super Bowl
20Normandy landings
22Gulf War
23Mother's Day
242020 Summer Olympics
25Day of the Dead
272016 Summer Olympics
282012 Summer Olympics
29Iraq War
301989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre
31Cinco de Mayo
32War of 1812
33Russo-Ukrainian War
34Formula One
362023 Cricket World Cup
37Waco siege
38War in Afghanistan (2001–2021)
40Cricket World Cup
42Rwandan genocide
43UEFA Europa League
442026 FIFA World Cup
452006 FIFA World Cup
46Black Friday (shopping)
47Battle of Stalingrad
49Falklands War
50Father's Day
51Memorial Day
52Cyber Monday
53Boxing Day
54Mardi Gras
55Six-Day War
56Killing of Osama bin Laden
572002 FIFA World Cup
58Battle of Waterloo
592012 Benghazi attack
60Eid al-Fitr
61April Fools' Day
62Wimbledon Championships
632008 Summer Olympics
64UEFA European Championship
65Labor Day
66Wars of the Roses
67Spanish Civil War
68Soviet–Afghan War
69Battle of the Bulge
702018 Winter Olympics
71Battle of the Alamo
72Battle of Thermopylae
73Operation Overlord
74Battle of Midway
76Crimean War
772023 Indian Premier League
78Mexican–American War
79Trojan War
80Spanish–American War
81Burning Man
82Arab Spring
83Battle of Gettysburg
84Thanksgiving (United States)
85Hundred Years' War
86Winter Olympic Games
87Summer Olympic Games
88Eid al-Adha
89WWE Championship
90Tour de France
922024 Summer Olympics
93Yom Kippur War
952019 Cricket World Cup
962014 Winter Olympics
97Miss Universe
98Battle of the Little Bighorn
99Thirty Years' War
100Gettysburg Address
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