Events popularity ranking in English Wikipedia
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# Title Popularity
22022 FIFA World Cup
3Russian invasion of Ukraine
4Valentine's Day
5Running Man (TV program)
6Attack on Pearl Harbor
7Association football
9Saint Patrick's Day
10Normandy landings
12Mother's Day
132020 Summer Olympics
14Day of the Dead
162016 Summer Olympics
172012 Summer Olympics
18Iraq War
19Cinco de Mayo
201989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre
21War in Afghanistan (2001–2021)
22Waco siege
23Formula One
26Black Friday (shopping)
27UEFA Europa League
29Battle of Stalingrad
30Memorial Day
31Father's Day
32Cyber Monday
33Boxing Day
34Mardi Gras
35April Fools' Day
362012 Benghazi attack
372008 Summer Olympics
38Eid al-Fitr
39Battle of Waterloo
40UEFA European Championship
41Labor Day
422018 Winter Olympics
43Battle of the Alamo
44Battle of the Bulge
45Battle of Thermopylae
46Battle of Midway
48Battle of Gettysburg
49Thanksgiving (United States)
50Cricket World Cup
51Burning Man
53Tour de France
542014 Winter Olympics
55Eid al-Adha
57Gettysburg Address
58Miss Universe
59Battle of the Little Bighorn
60Groundhog Day
61Guy Fawkes Night
62Battle of the Somme
63Good Friday
65I Have a Dream
662024 Summer Olympics
67Britain's Got Talent
68Battle of Dunkirk
69Rosh Hashanah
70Gallipoli campaign
71Copa América
72United States presidential election
73Ice hockey
742018 FIFA World Cup qualification
75Republic Day (India)
76Yom Kippur
77Spring (season)
78Independence Day (India)
79World Series
802022 Winter Olympics
812022 FIFA World Cup qualification
822003 invasion of Iraq
83May Day
85Battle of Mogadishu (1993)
86Royal Rumble
88Ligue 1
89FIFA Club World Cup
90Remembrance Day
91Earth Day
92Reconstruction era
93Battle of Iwo Jima
94Antikythera mechanism
95Fyre Festival
96Battle of Okinawa
97Live Aid
98Battle of Hastings
992010 Winter Olympics
100Battle of Antietam
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