Buildings popularity ranking in English Wikipedia
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# Title Popularity
1Great Wall of China
2Auschwitz concentration camp
3Berlin Wall
4One World Trade Center
6White House
7Empire State Building
8Notre-Dame de Paris
9ADX Florence
10Hagia Sophia
11Guantanamo Bay detention camp
12Sagrada Família
13Walt Disney World
14Angkor Wat
15Palace of Versailles
17Buckingham Palace
18The Pentagon
19Hoover Dam
22Pantheon, Rome
23St. Peter's Basilica
24Willis Tower
25Heathrow Airport
26Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
27Wembley Stadium
28Neuschwanstein Castle
29Bohemian Grove
30Windsor Castle
31John F. Kennedy International Airport
32Three Gorges Dam
34Westminster Abbey
35Johnnie Walker
36Sistine Chapel
37Los Angeles International Airport
38Hadrian's Wall
39United States Capitol
40Palace of Westminster
41Madison Square Garden
42Eton College
43Temple of Artemis
44The Shard
45Dachau concentration camp
46Jack Daniel's
47Catacombs of Paris
48Acropolis of Athens
49O'Hare International Airport
50Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
51Sydney Opera House
52SoFi Stadium
54Church of the Holy Sepulchre
55Yankee Stadium
56Balmoral Castle
57St Paul's Cathedral
58Studio 54
59Madame Tussauds
60Old Trafford
61Cecil Hotel (Los Angeles)
62Dubai International Airport
63Charles de Gaulle Airport
64MetLife Stadium
65Camp Nou
67Arlington National Cemetery
68Denver International Airport
69Florence Cathedral
70British Museum
71Brandenburg Gate
72Hard Rock Stadium
73Indira Gandhi International Airport
7410 Downing Street
75Giza pyramid complex
76Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport
77Newark Liberty International Airport
78Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
79Soekarno–Hatta International Airport
80Metropolitan Museum of Art
81Gatwick Airport
82Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
83Toronto Pearson International Airport
84Hong Kong International Airport
85Changi Airport
86London Stadium
87The Crystal Palace
88Maginot Line
89Dulles International Airport
91Grand Central Terminal
92Scotland Yard
93Venkateswara Temple
94Fenway Park
95Treblinka extermination camp
96Reichstag building
97Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
98Pennsylvania Station (New York City)
100Padmanabhaswamy Temple
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