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Slot Lestary


Article "Slot Lestary" in Malay Wikipedia has 40.3 points for quality (as of April 1, 2023). The article contains 2 references and 12 sections.

Achievements in all the time:
Malay Wikipedia:
The 989th most popular in Malay Wikipedia.
The 139th most editable in Malay Wikipedia.
Achievements in the last month:
Malay Wikipedia:
The 991st most popular in Malay Wikipedia in the last month.
The 634th most editable in Malay Wikipedia in the last month.

In March 2023 the article "Slot Lestary" was edited by 2 authors in Malay Wikipedia (634th place) and written by 2 authors in all languages.

Since the creation of article "Slot Lestary", its content was written by 52 registered users of Malay Wikipedia (139th place) and edited by 52 registered Wikipedia users in all languages.

The article is cited 378 times in Malay Wikipedia and cited 378 times in all languages.

The highest Authors Interest rank from 2001:

  • Local (Malay): #4 in December 2020
  • Global: #4540 in November 2020

The highest popularity rank from 2008:

  • Local (Malay): #118 in June 2022
  • Global: #298971 in June 2021

There is 1 language version for this article in WikiRank database (of the considered 55 Wikipedia language editions).

The quality and popularity assessment was based on Wikipedia dumps from April 1, 2023 (including revision history and pageviews for previous years).


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