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Elixio Rivas Quintas

Article "Elixio Rivas Quintas" in Galician Wikipedia has 32.1 points for quality (as of March 1, 2021). The article contains, among others metrics, 8 references and 12 sections.

Achievements in February 2021:
Galician Wikipedia:
The 1811th most popular in Galician Wikipedia.
The 215th most popular in people in Galician.

Since the creation of article "Elixio Rivas Quintas", its content was written by 21 authors in Galician Wikipedia and edited by 21 authors in all languages.

Elixio Rivas Quintas was on the th place in global ranking of in Wikipedia in February 2021.

Elixio Rivas Quintas was on the 215th place in local ranking of people in Galician Wikipedia in February 2021.

The article is cited 267 times in Galician Wikipedia (4753rd place) and cited 267 times in all languages.

The highest Authors’ Interest rank from 2002:

  • Local (Galician): #113 in August 2019
  • Global: #455291 in August 2019

The highest popularity rank from 2008:

  • Local (Galician): #1193 in February 2018
  • Global: #2189038 in February 2021

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