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302++Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303
304+45NATO phonetic alphabet
305+2465Yvette Prieto
306+226Uncut Gems
308-174List of states and territories of the United States by population
309+283List of countries by Human Development Index
310-128Schitt's Creek
311-59Google Drive
312+594Tesla, Inc.
313+57List of Knowing Bros episodes
314++UFC on ESPN: Overeem vs. Harris
315+693The Last of Us Part II
316-232Keir Starmer
317-34Scarlett Johansson
318-29Modern Family
319+32526Karen (pejorative)
320+72Mark Zuckerberg
321+3489Sean Gilmartin
322-19List of TCP and UDP port numbers
323++Ken Osmond
324+435Grand Theft Auto V
326-116Little Fires Everywhere (miniseries)
327+12Leonardo DiCaprio
328-77William Shakespeare
329-67Library Genesis
330+16390 Day Fiancé
332+73382Nicholas Winton
333+1604Toni Kukoč
336-28Freddie Mercury
337-217The Epoch Times
338+4Jacinda Ardern
339+2Standard deviation
340-53The Masked Singer (American season 3)
341++Paatal Lok
342+48Tom Cruise
343+21Elvis Presley
344-16Harry Potter
345-67Call of Duty
346+299How to Get Away with Murder
348+69The Blacklist (TV series)
350-68Elton John
351++Bob Behnken
352+83Ottoman Empire
353-49European Union
354-142Timothée Chalamet
355-133U.S. state
356+217Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
357+4244Christina Applegate
358+1543Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
359+359What We Do in the Shadows (TV series)
360+82Quentin Tarantino
361-65George VI
362+11Elizabeth I
364+23Taylor Swift
365-228Riverdale (2017 TV series)
366-312Unorthodox (miniseries)
367+3457Megan Fox
368++Phyllis George
369+9479Francis Ngannou
371-146List of countries and dependencies by population
372+50443Jerry Sloan
373-228Dua Lipa
374+272Ku Klux Klan
375+500Taika Waititi
376-359Carole Baskin
377+28David Bowie
378+75740Don Shula
379+15381Peter III of Russia
380-3272009 swine flu pandemic
382-63South Africa
383+2661Machine Gun Kelly (musician)
384+119Muhammad Ali
386+985Conor McGregor
388-40Cristiano Ronaldo
389+1348Lana Del Rey
390+217Warren Buffett
391+31Los Angeles
393-35Jennifer Aniston
394-118International Standard Book Number
395-158Chris Hemsworth
396+23798Lockheed A-12
397+62List of Running Man episodes
398-55Arnold Schwarzenegger
399+976Tony Ferguson
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