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# Title Quality score
1Vrhovci, Čabar20.8259
2Rudolf von Heuß16.4384
3119 (število)6.2553
4René Arnoux23.8292
5Boy (album)5.4814
6Peron (razločitev)1.7902
7Šime Đodan6.8

About WikiRank

The project is intended for automatic relative evaluation of the articles in the various language versions of Wikipedia. At the moment the service allows to compare over 36 million Wikipedia articles in 55 languages. Quality scores of articles are based on Wikipedia dumps from October, 2017. When calculating popularity, view statistics of articles for perod from 1 January 2016 to 30 September 2017 were taken into account.

You can also visit WikiRank.Live (previous version of the main tool), which can calculate quality and popularity based on current versions of Wikipedia articles in 7 languages.

It's planned to add different improvements to the project (such as adding to the analysis not only new quantitative characteristics, but also qualitative). Please leave your comments and suggestions

The WikiRank project was developed on the basis of researches made by scientists from Poland and Belarus. More information about quality assessment of Wikipedia articles and project WikiRank can be found in scientific publications:

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