The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
201-68Brooklyn Nine-Nine
203+118Martin Luther King Jr.
204+256Outer Banks (TV series)
205-157Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
207+238Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 TV series)
208-5List of states and territories of the United States
209+9Apple Inc.
210-158Black Death
2110The Office (American TV series)
212+3338Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
213-204Joe Exotic
214+526Alfred the Great
215+303Shaquille O'Neal
216+497Joe Rogan
217-17John F. Kennedy
218-144List of deaths due to COVID-19
219+131The World's Billionaires
220-19The Beatles
221-183COVID-19 testing
222+1535List of UFC events
223+36Dwayne Johnson
224+12List of highest-grossing films
225-58Birds of Prey (2020 film)
226+465The Midnight Gospel
227+16New Zealand
228-48Peaky Blinders (TV series)
229+11Queen Victoria
230+271Al Capone
231-16Marvel Cinematic Universe
232-209Irrfan Khan
233+52Abraham Lincoln
234+720Justice League (film)
235+1222The Wachowskis
236+83919Katie Miller
237+3463Karl Malone
238+11358Eid al-Fitr
239+1990Daisy Edgar-Jones
240+10Soviet Union
241+591Magic Johnson
242-15Fast & Furious
243+868Billions (TV series)
244+9List of countries by GDP (nominal)
247-99Chernobyl disaster
248+715Hong Kong flu
250+234Ariana Grande
251+40343Anne Meara
254+434Harley Quinn (TV series)
255-76Westworld (season 3)
256+42Game of Thrones
257-187World Health Organization
258-94Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
259+41Albert Einstein
260+520Batwoman (TV series)
261+53762Ravi Zacharias
262+29Michael Jackson
263+3968Linda Cardellini
264-7Avengers: Endgame
265+4163Capone (2020 film)
267+6Donald Glover
268+1528Ulysses S. Grant
269+83488Doug Hurley
270-75Breaking Bad
271-38Joseph Stalin
272-262Tiger King
273+2338The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run
274+29258Killing of Eric Garner
275+690The 100 (TV series)
276-231List of Money Heist episodes
277-49"Hello, World!" program
278+90632Lynn Shelton
279+11Ronald Reagan
280-212Contagion (2011 film)
281+33American Civil War
282-215Better Call Saul
283-6Black Widow (2021 film)
284+29Discord (software)
285+44Seven deadly sins
286-176Black hole
287+57665Sam Lloyd
288-62List of American films of 2020
289+144Bob Dylan
290+48Steve Jobs
291-24Knives Out
293-23September 11 attacks
294++Sweet Magnolias
295+234Dark (TV series)
296-30Harry Potter (film series)
297+1099Larry Bird
298-162Microsoft Teams
299++White Lines (TV series)
300++COVID-19 pandemic in Poland
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