The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
901-164Attack on Pearl Harbor
903++COVID-19 pandemic in Karnataka
904+2635Edward the Elder
905-571Jumanji: The Next Level
906+186Cate Blanchett
907+13501Tim Walz
908-356COVID-19 vaccine
910+60624Shooting of Philando Castile
911-347Melania Trump
913+937Lavrentiy Beria
914-538Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
916+654Downton Abbey
917+76444Larry Kramer
918-34George Harrison
921-23Prime Video
922-246Hamilton (musical)
923+746John Wayne
924-466Bosch (TV series)
925+45Captain Marvel (film)
926-142The Wire
927+1110Race and ethnicity in the United States
928+607Dan Harmon
929+6782020 United States Senate elections
930+277Raspberry Pi
931-251Hobbs & Shaw
932-226Johnny Cash
933+380Marie Curie
936+4719List of NBA players with most championships
938+88James VI and I
939-162List of Pixar films
940-646Star Trek: Picard
941+75Daniel Radcliffe
942+211Democratic Republic of the Congo
943-584Joel McHale
944++COVID-19 pandemic in Romania
945+110List of tz database time zones
946-17British Empire
947++IRIS Konarak
948-15Zayn Malik
949-111Walt Disney
950-313Nintendo Switch
951+282008 United States presidential election
952+605Mount Everest
953-117Prison Break
954-10Mel Gibson
955+9910Malang (film)
956-32Harrison Ford
957+617Occam's razor
958+31French Revolution
960-258Al Pacino
961+144Jim Carrey
962-15Sensitivity and specificity
963+256Mila Kunis
965+370The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)
966-380Waco (miniseries)
969+201Fleetwood Mac
970+165Binomial distribution
972+1069Carrie Fisher
973-276Val Kilmer
974+20Taylor series
975-123Morse code
976-150Call Me by Your Name (film)
977+1758Charli D'Amelio
978+265Charlize Theron
979-91Martin Scorsese
980-452Pizzagate conspiracy theory
981+19596Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Three
982+212Reese Witherspoon
983-63Youth With You (season 2)
984-407Nick Cordero
985-114Microsoft Windows
986+38112020 Nova Scotia attacks
987+3546Jeffrey Jordan
988+294Mary I of England
989-40Exponential distribution
990-338Vladimir Lenin
991+236Christopher Columbus
992-582List of Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes
993++Backlash (2020)
994+713List of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episodes
995+590Mad Max: Fury Road
997+635Nick Jonas
999-14PlayStation 4
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