Television series popularity ranking in English Wikipedia
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# Changes Title Popularity
101-92The Serpent (TV series)
103+1Criminal Minds
104-89Alice in Borderland (TV series)
105++The Crew (2021 TV series)
106-31Succession (TV series)
107-5The Masked Singer (British series 2)
108+1Twin Peaks
109+126Emily in Paris
110-51Designated Survivor (TV series)
111-94Sweet Home (TV series)
112+832Punky Brewster
113-3The Vampire Diaries
114-17The Good Place
115-29Mindhunter (TV series)
116+128Line of Duty
117-19Downton Abbey
118+105What If...? (TV series)
119+301Good Girls (TV series)
120+163Malcolm in the Middle
121-30Fargo (TV series)
122+17It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
123-40Prodigal Son (TV series)
124+3The Wire
125-10Running Man (TV series)
126-54Walker (TV series)
127+18Lovecraft Country (TV series)
128-25Supernatural (American TV series)
129-44Taskmaster (TV series)
130-23The 100 (TV series)
131-19The Bay (TV series)
132-26Sherlock (TV series)
133-100His Dark Materials (TV series)
134+36Supergirl (TV series)
135-55Crash Landing on You
136+7Lost (TV series)
137-41Sex Education (TV series)
138-57Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
139+10The Bachelor (American TV series)
140-47Raised by Wolves (American TV series)
141+35SEAL Team (TV series)
1420Killing Eve
143+22Marcella (TV series)
144-60How to Get Away with Murder
145+107Heartland (Canadian TV series)
146-29Run On (TV series)
147+33The Resident (TV series)
148+3Mr. Robot
149+8All Creatures Great and Small (1978 TV series)
150-99The Watch (TV series)
151+771Young Rock
153-28Titans (2018 TV series)
154+111Firefly (TV series)
156-27The Great British Bake Off
157-146Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV series)
158-68Letterkenny (TV series)
159-48The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
160-26House of Cards (American TV series)
161-17Gilmore Girls
162+56Sons of Anarchy
163+94Trailer Park Boys
164+113Married at First Sight (Australian TV series)
165+38Blue Bloods (TV series)
166+21Star Trek: The Next Generation
167-35Star Trek: Picard
168+65Hannibal (TV series)
169+71Miss Scarlet and The Duke
170-50Search Party (TV series)
171+18The X-Files
172-112Virgin River (TV series)
174+175Are You the One?
176-88Derry Girls
177+120Hawkeye (2021 TV series)
178++Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel
179-65Warrior (TV series)
180-107Start-Up (South Korean TV series)
181+81Mom (TV series)
182-8Curb Your Enthusiasm
183+252Snowfall (TV series)
184+222The Pacific (miniseries)
185+11Mad Men
186+120RuPaul's Drag Race UK
187+28Legends of Tomorrow
188+5Arrested Development
189-29Normal People (TV series)
190-8Arrow (TV series)
191+13NCIS: Los Angeles
192-36The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
193+23Two and a Half Men
194-44The Masked Singer (British TV series)
195-101Sex and the City
196-19Chicago P.D. (TV series)
197-6Watchmen (TV series)
198-4True Detective
199+18Big Little Lies (TV series)
200-59Dawson's Creek
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