The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in March 2022
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# Changes Title Popularity
101+1785Moon Knight (TV series)
102+1139King Richard (film)
105+14Adolf Hitler
106-77Hunter Schafer
107-31War in Donbas
108+623Ana de Armas
109+1270Moon Knight
110-90Julia Garner
111+193Mikoyan MiG-29
112+8United Kingdom
113+1186Magic Johnson
114+8692022 Formula One World Championship
115+196Ryan Reynolds
116-43Gangubai Kothewali
117+2623Barry Keoghan
118+392Mila Kunis
120+1401Paul Dano
121+3315The Dropout (miniseries)
122+180Ramzan Kadyrov
123+7Katerina Tikhonova
124-13Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
125+5060Encanto (film)
126+4770Jerry West
129+18982Sarma Melngailis
130+6717International Women's Day
132-22List of states with nuclear weapons
133+32734Pallavi Joshi
134+2954Jonathan Bailey (actor)
135+287Serena Williams
136+358List of military engagements during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
137+71Brownie (folklore)
138+84Boris Yeltsin
139+111Dua Lipa
140+6List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
141+698Lisa Bonet
143+30Kim Kardashian
144+207FGM-148 Javelin
145-46Android (operating system)
146+7216Daylight saving time
147-130Tommy Lee
149-92Laverne Cox
150+2316Clarence Thomas
153+3732Lenny Bruce
154+711Bachchhan Paandey
155+164The Walking Dead (season 11)
156+14584Jerry Buss
157-8Revolution of Dignity
158+25Viktor Yanukovych
159+4BBC World Service
160+190Baykar Bayraktar TB2
161-27Attack on Titan (season 4)
162-83Ghost of Kyiv
163+2309Andy Warhol
165-72Tom Holland
166+205Alina Kabaeva
167+220Tammy Faye Messner
168+295Second Chechen War
170+988List of highest-grossing Indian films
171+61539Brittney Griner
172+1314Oscar Isaac
173-44Olena Zelenska
174+39811August Alsina
175-85Donald Trump
176+8629Sunny Balwani
177+5528X (2022 film)
178+63813G.I. Jane
179+13478Lia Thomas
180-9Amazon (company)
181+484Jaden Smith
183+589Venus Williams
185-157Russia–Ukraine relations
187-8Andrew Garfield
188-126Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation
189+430Academy Awards
190+145Vikings: Valhalla
192+6The Gilded Age (TV series)
193+8512017 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election
194+484Twenty-Five Twenty-One
195-109Death on the Nile (2022 film)
196+69European Union
197+399Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
198+2055Matt Reeves
200-7Eurovision Song Contest 2022
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