The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2021
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# Changes Title Popularity
701-290Catherine the Great
702+199Vincent van Gogh
703-32List of Running Man episodes
704-90Xi Jinping
705-2Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
707-611Bernie Sanders
708+1406Oprah Winfrey
710-15Black Death
712-277Adam Kinzinger
713+127Marilyn Monroe
714+334Charlie Chaplin
715-178National Football League
716+8161Ronan Farrow
719+3759Aaron Taylor-Johnson
720+688Black Panther (film)
721+2173Black Panther Party
723+251Jennifer Lawrence
724+337Jared Leto
725+321Angelina Jolie
726-344Edward Snowden
727-587Robinhood (company)
728+201Ozark (TV series)
729+605Mary-Kate Olsen
730+164Cold War
731-123The Penthouse: War in Life
732-5Ludwig van Beethoven
733+87Will Smith
734+289Saudi Arabia
735+110Ryan Reynolds
736-674Lauren Boebert
737+185Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
738+1061Bob Marley
739+442The Expanse (novel series)
740+45Isaac Newton
741-297George III
742-677Melvin Capital
743+1956Vision (Marvel Comics)
744-30FIFA World Cup
746+5328Lara Trump
747+4Brad Pitt
748+1910Louis Armstrong
749+632Ralph Fiennes
751+5Morse code
752-39Genghis Khan
753+477Al Capone
754-16Pete Buttigieg
755+222Mona Lisa
756+2730Meg Johnson (poet)
757+322Marie Curie
758+857John Travolta
760+9344Jesse Owens
761++2021 Welsh Open (snooker)
762+21461Soon-Yi Previn
763+1095Cardi B
765+40Shia LaBeouf
767+333International Phonetic Alphabet
769+213Mao Zedong
770-26Google Earth
771+28481List of Grand Slam men's singles champions
772+52Bob Dylan
773+5Ted Lasso
774+14793Adam Curtis
775+113Elton John
776+788Call My Agent!
777-111Justin Bieber
778+1Shameless (American TV series)
779+914Sia (musician)
780+525Kurt Cobain
782-108Google Translate
783-122Matthew McConaughey
784+1426Regina King
786+348Katy Perry
787+1931UEFA Euro 2020
788+1718Olivia Munn
789+1242Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
790+26407Costa Concordia
791+3967Kylian Mbappé
792-412Magnus Carlsen
793+228List of tz database time zones
794+17788Vince Lombardi
795+5713Wrong Turn (2021 film)
796+2319The Sound of Music (film)
798+168Alan Turing
800+160Microsoft Word

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