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301+1779Billie Holiday
302+5492Mia Farrow
303+75NATO phonetic alphabet
304-119Kepler's Supernova
307+306Generation Z
308+9831Little Nightmares
309-10Theodore Roosevelt
310+94Vietnam War
311-275Second impeachment of Donald Trump
312+1520Justice League (film)
313+56185Ingenuity (helicopter)
314-185Lists of deaths by year
315-202Olivia Rodrigo
317+114Joseph Stalin
318-119Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
319+67September 11 attacks
320+132RuPaul's Drag Race (season 13)
321+84Leonardo DiCaprio
322+10009List of Super Bowl halftime shows
323+152New Zealand
324-33George VI
325+424Google Docs
326+2019Frederick Douglass
327+202News of the World (film)
329+654X-Men (film series)
330+31661Bliss (2021 film)
331+167Kim Kardashian
332+33458Stacey Plaskett
333-305Cobra Kai
334-244Fate: The Winx Saga
335+4040UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Lewis
336+1023The Lincoln Project
337-66The Office (American TV series)
338-30Harry Potter (film series)
339-64List of James Bond films
340+63Pirates of the Caribbean (film series)
341+543Super Bowl LIV
343-97Margaret Thatcher
345+11062Australian Open
346-9List of Knowing Bros episodes
347+1756Andrew Cuomo
348+246Scarlett Johansson
351-94Vladimir Putin
352-13Kanye West
353+106Ten Commandments
354-128List of The Expanse episodes
356+14Prime Video
357+986UEFA Champions League
358+652020–2021 Indian farmers' protest
359-28European Union
360+369Jordan Belfort
361+57Game of Thrones
363-77Star Wars
364+183South Africa
365+1Pedro Pascal
366-99Grimes (musician)
367+93Chernobyl disaster
370+5110UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Gane
371-33Black Lives Matter
372+14468Mount Takahe
373+1289Kat Dennings
374-132Spanish flu
375-278Liz Cheney
377+81052Mary Wilson (singer)
378++Mario Draghi
379+1877UFC 259
380+145Johnny Depp
381+4651Willy's Wonderland
382+5162Anna Nicole Smith
383+221Jennifer Connelly
384+5148Groundhog Day (film)
385-2Manchester United F.C.
386+60Ku Klux Klan
387+612Eternals (film)
388+8485Black History Month
389+93List of most-subscribed YouTube channels
390+417Lily James
391+18Henry VIII
392-80Python (programming language)
393+266Greta Thunberg
394+1283Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
395+16142020–21 UEFA Champions League
396-288Arnold Schwarzenegger
397+279United Arab Emirates
398++February 13–17, 2021 North American winter storm
399+2159Phoebe Bridgers
400+473Nelson Mandela
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