The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in November 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
201-192The Boys (2019 TV series)
202-68Zoom Video Communications
203+227Supernatural (season 15)
204-31Adolf Hitler
205+8069Benford's law
207+2600John Kerry
208+78Bachelor of Arts
209+242A Quiet Place Part II
212+30Hip hop music
213+584Edward Snowden
214+26586King Von
215-53Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train
216-167Tenet (film)
217+1874Bobby Fischer
218+1236Thomas Brodie-Sangster
219-92Kepler's Supernova
220+168Ivanka Trump
221+5287Ava (2020 film)
222+287Hillary Clinton
223-2Los Angeles
224+2712Amber Heard
225-19World War I
226-34Java (programming language)
227+62052Mark Thatcher
228-208Microsoft Windows
229+225Libertarian Party (United States)
230+44433Janet Yellen
232-173Schitt's Creek
234+424The Witches (novel)
235+4280Home Alone
236+321Donald Trump Jr.
238+3040List of United States presidential elections by Electoral College margin
239+1922020–21 UEFA Nations League
241+2242016 United States presidential election in Texas
243-29Lewis Hamilton
244+238Supernatural (American TV series)
245-11Kanye West
246+8065Madison Cawthorn
247+107Queen Victoria
249+3770Spider-Man: Miles Morales
250-38Jeff Bezos
251-85List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
252-92Billie Eilish
253-69Google Drive
254+593Swing state
255+27List of most-viewed YouTube videos
256+169MacOS Big Sur
257+2479His Dark Materials (TV series)
258+621Mitt Romney
259-255Amy Coney Barrett
260-103List of HTTP status codes
261+665List of presidents of the United States by age
262+4233Faithless electors in the 2016 United States presidential election
263+912Roy Jones Jr.
264-60Discord (software)
265+4692Soorarai Pottru
266+7338Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.
267+2569List of presidents of the United States by time in office
268+345362020 United States presidential election in Nevada
269+1718UFC 255
270+88232020 United States presidential election in Pennsylvania
271+1053Jon Ossoff
272-21Cristiano Ronaldo
273+12North America
274-79Ariana Grande
276+339Assassin's Creed
277+59Twitch (service)
278+4017Meena Harris
280+5842Jake Paul
281+285Grey's Anatomy
282-53Python (programming language)
284-202Supreme Court of the United States
285-111Solar System
286+90Vladimir Putin
287+2105Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
288+250Ivana Trump
289-117Normal distribution
290+25767Peter Sutcliffe
291-30List of United States cities by population
292+50American Civil War
293+124872020 United States presidential election in Arizona
294+4502016 United States presidential election in Florida
295+6090Family of Kamala Harris
296-26Denial-of-service attack
297+145Dwight D. Eisenhower
298+734Dick Cheney
299+731George V
300-118Spanish flu
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