The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
301+3830Shooting of Tamir Rice
302+22066Matt Gaetz
303+31Jacinda Ardern
304-7Harry Potter (film series)
305+1192Rachel McAdams
306++Derek Chauvin
307+281Tom Selleck
308-178COVID-19 pandemic in Australia
309-4NATO phonetic alphabet
310+770United States presidential approval rating
311+602Melania Trump
312-119Clint Eastwood
313+228George Washington
314-96The Beatles
315-190Bill Gates
316-102Joe Rogan
317-257DC Animated Movie Universe
318-96Birds of Prey (2020 film)
319-98List of highest-grossing films
321-113The Office (American TV series)
322-77Chernobyl disaster
323-247Mike Tyson
324-237Kobe Bryant
326+3906Tammy Duckworth
327+8327Song of the South
328+24184Modern display of the Confederate battle flag
329-90Fast & Furious
330+6002020 United States Senate elections
331+2521Central Park jogger case
332+5804Love, Victor
334+686PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
335-51Black Widow (2021 film)
337-23List of Knowing Bros episodes
339++Death of Elijah McClain
340+131Richard Nixon
341-147Henry VIII
342+319Historical rankings of presidents of the United States
344+353Republican Party (United States)
345-83Avengers: Endgame
346+6132008 United States presidential election
348+225Vladimir Putin
349+19610The Order (TV series)
350+133Ana de Armas
351+658PlayStation 4
352-125Marvel Cinematic Universe
353-309Bloodshot (film)
354+5086Atlantic slave trade
355-267List of Rick and Morty episodes
356+558Hamilton (musical)
357-85Joseph Stalin
358+188Jimmy Carter
360+36List of Running Man episodes
361+2278Spike Lee
362+2716George Zimmerman
363+207George H. W. Bush
364-271LeBron James
365+19968Bret Weinstein
366-264COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden
367-114Game of Thrones
369+1384Black Panther Party
370-328Normal People (TV series)
371+8060Ron Jeremy
372-18Timothée Chalamet
374-144Peaky Blinders (TV series)
375+1725List of incidents of civil unrest in the United States
376++UFC on ESPN: Poirier vs. Hooker
377-39Freddie Mercury
379-24U.S. state
380+175Democratic Party (United States)
381+4013The Sinner (TV series)
383-76Uncut Gems
384+58Prince (musician)
385+2137ARM architecture
386-187Brooklyn Nine-Nine
387-47Standard deviation
388+1248Supreme Court of the United States
389-268Star Wars
390-47Tom Cruise
391+246Lionel Messi
393+14407Institutional racism
394-129Donald Glover
395+102MasterChef Australia (series 12)
396+5501Leopold II of Belgium
397-129Call of Duty
398-16South Africa
399-54Harry Potter
400+5176Lea Michele
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