The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
401+18314Joe Scarborough
402-39Stranger Things
403-341Too Hot to Handle (TV series)
405-287Onward (film)
406+4999Tilda Swinton
407-71List of Walt Disney Pictures films
408+592Malcolm X
409+3124Charles Barkley
410-9COVID-19 lockdown in India
411+22227Solar Opposites
412+243List of Running Man episodes (2020)
413+838List of most-subscribed YouTube channels
414+52Keanu Reeves
415+111Google Translate
416+33386Murder (United States law)
418+16938Ghislaine Maxwell
420+386Christopher Nolan
421+10279Lorenzo de' Medici
422+57Mahatma Gandhi
423+5165Rodney King
424+1924Macaulay Culkin
425+3267Darren Barnet
426+46George W. Bush
430-278Gretchen Whitmer
431-74Washington, D.C.
432+187Dunning–Kruger effect
433+133Drake (musician)
435+4696Horace Grant
436-133Mrs. America (miniseries)
437+667Isiah Thomas
438+1300Eurovision Song Contest 2020
439-158South Korea
440+17721Dangerous Lies (2020 film)
441+90Alexander the Great
442-64Prince (musician)
443-56Twitch (service)
444-230David Koresh
445+37No Time to Die
446+2420My Spy
447-115Alison Brie
448+4818Gene Wilder
449-50Johnny Depp
450+107The Big Bang Theory
451-74Brad Pitt
452+59Pink Floyd
453+497The Flash (season 6)
454+79Bad Education (2019 film)
456+499Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
457-126Grey's Anatomy
458+2071Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
459+2639Natalie Wood
460-335COVID-19 pandemic in Europe
461+335Joaquin Phoenix
462-118Tom Hanks
463-232Great Depression
464+2658Machine Gun Kelly (musician)
466-364Dolittle (film)
467+32835Lauren Lapkus
468+34Lucifer (TV series)
469-17Academy Award for Best Picture
470+8994Henry Cejudo
471+32Richard Nixon
474-374COVID-19 pandemic in mainland China
477+405Ricky Gervais
478++HR 6819
479-309Rishi Kapoor
480-363List of epidemics
481+1279Joe Biden sexual assault allegation
482+1009Khabib Nurmagomedov
483+86Ana de Armas
484-214Crash Landing on You
485+76Julius Caesar
487+51JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
489+50Python (programming language)
490-3542020 Democratic Party presidential primaries
491-26Queen (band)
492+72686The Wrong Missy
493+5434Paul Mescal
494-65Ted Kaczynski
495+561Katy Perry
496+301Chris Evans (actor)
497+1182MasterChef Australia (series 12)
498+261After Life (TV series)
499+47Leonardo da Vinci
500-22Korean War
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