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101-17The Office (American TV series)
102-19List of Bollywood films of 2018
103+19World War I
104-37American Horror Story
105+13Cristiano Ronaldo
106+5786'96 (film)
107-18List of HTTP status codes
108+32132018 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship
109+48Mahatma Gandhi
110+570Me Too movement
111-101Christine Blasey Ford
112+4This Is Us
113+2039Michael Myers (Halloween)
115+27Ruth Bader Ginsburg
116+11Adolf Hitler
117+483Riverdale (2017 TV series)
118+2131The Voice (American season 15)
119+380The Walking Dead (TV series)
120+18576Goblin Slayer
122+777Rami Malek
123+1Standard deviation
124-52List of highest mountains on Earth
125-49Apple Inc.
126+21HTTP cookie
127+9New York City
129+1609Jamie Lee Curtis
130+16Cardi B
131+1850Day of the Dead
133+858Assassin's Creed Odyssey
134+3991Red Dead Redemption
1350Greek alphabet
136+53Patrick Mahomes
137+475List of Doctor Who episodes (2005–present)
138+57Normal distribution
139-642018 Atlantic hurricane season
140+33The Good Place
141+296Saudi Arabia
142+314Christopher Columbus
143+707Venom (Marvel Comics character)
144+488Cloud computing
145+5521List of World Series champions
146-25Shameless (American TV series)
147+606Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
148-10Real Madrid CF
149+5Solar System
150-80Avengers: Infinity War
151-52Meg Johnson (poet)
152+1237A Star Is Born (1937 film)
153+100Joji (musician)
155+605The X Factor (British series 15)
156+136Ant-Man and the Wasp
157+3123The Walking Dead (season 9)
158+319Post Malone
159-3List of WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network events
161+447Tom Hardy
162+19203Govindappa Venkataswamy
165+120Maniac (miniseries)
166-81United States dollar
167-121Ariana Grande
168-58Jeff Bezos
169+147672018 Summer Youth Olympics
170+1369Bad Times at the El Royale
171-81Suits (American TV series)
172-63Marvel Cinematic Universe
173+5430Tony Ferguson
174+55Manifest (TV series)
176+125Dancing with the Stars (American TV series)
177+818Tyson Fury
178-922018–19 UEFA Nations League
179-50Game of Thrones
180+965UFC 230
181-14Pete Davidson
182+137Climate change
183+48815Charles Aznavour
184+53Google Maps
185+7929Big Mouth (TV series)
186+6747A Star Is Born (2018 soundtrack)
187-36Michael Jackson
189+276The Voice (American TV series)
190-122018 Formula One World Championship
191-150Louis Tomlinson
192+239Taylor Swift
193-19Better Call Saul
194-39Constitution of the United States
195-184John McCain
196+1378Daredevil (TV series)
197+2207Susan Collins
198+112Demographics of the United States
199+527822 July (film)
200+1762018 United States House of Representatives elections
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