The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2018
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# Changes Title Popularity
301-18European Union
302+5280Halloween (2018 film)
303-207List of Steven Universe episodes
304-19Fast & Furious
305+95869Vinnie Paul
306+17624Joe Jackson (manager)
307-209Thor: Ragnarok
308++Everything Is Love
309+937Normandy landings
310+14326Financial statement
311+493Coco (2017 film)
312-24Tommy Robinson (activist)
313+135Game of Thrones (season 8)
314-39Mahatma Gandhi
315+2226Veere Di Wedding
316-2172018–19 UEFA Champions League
317+655Zlatan Ibrahimović
318+51Hong Kong
319-145Archer (disambiguation)
320+3748History of bitcoin
321+548Blade Runner 2049
322-199X-Men (film series)
323+7772Queer Eye (2018 TV series)
325-82Jeff Bezos
326+6382Rose Leslie
327-70List of most-viewed YouTube videos
328+24707List of FIFA World Cup winning players
329+72Android version history
330+51138The Staircase
331+2975Dennis Rodman
332+4921UEFA Euro 2020
333+38Seven deadly sins
334-22Soviet Union
336+1489Foreign exchange market
337+101741978 FIFA World Cup
340+4416Denmark national football team
341+581Assassin's Creed
342-130Jordan Peterson
343-168George V
344+32861Apgar score
345+588Natalie Portman
346+1332018 ATP World Tour
347+6903Panama national football team
349+31Stranger Things
350-76List of Supergirl episodes
351+2928Luis Suárez
352-348Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
353-104Winston Churchill
354-124Ninja (gamer)
355-90Taylor Swift
356+27532Jorge Sampaoli
357+430Robert F. Kennedy
358+10968Simona Halep
361+134Annihilation (film)
362+2872018 French Open – Women's Singles
363-323Josh Brolin
364+104List of The 100 episodes
366+302Pablo Escobar
367-65Dwayne Johnson
368-195The Kissing Booth
369+6564Tunisia national football team
370+102Manchester United F.C.
371-29Amazon (company)
373-45Artificial intelligence
374+316Love, Simon
375+526Opinion polling for the 2018 Turkish general election
376+2218Sicario (2015 film)
377+312Tom Cruise
379+4218Peru national football team
380-1New Zealand
381-76U.S. state
382+26160Koko (gorilla)
383+125121930 FIFA World Cup
385-45Legion (TV series)
386++Gauhar Jaan
387+750Association football
389+2971Todd Howard
390+1240Ruth Bader Ginsburg
391+14567Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
392-4Elvis Presley
393+1304John Gotti
394-51Apple Inc.
395+19HTTP cookie
396+48South Korea
399-184John F. Kennedy
400-148Korean War
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