The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2018
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+8Avengers: Infinity War
3+57A Quiet Place
4-1Lists of deaths by year
5+90Cardi B
6-1XXX (film series)
7+6WrestleMania 34
8+2List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
9+22923Barbara Bush
10+3116WWE Greatest Royal Rumble
11+14108Verne Troyer
12+13632018 Commonwealth Games
13+3570Lost in Space (2018 TV series)
14++2018 Commonwealth Games medal table
15+920Carol Danvers
16+3Elizabeth II
17+922George H. W. Bush
18+10088R. Lee Ermey
19+1371God of War (2018 video game)
20-18Black Panther (film)
21+1362Joseph James DeAngelo
22+119Mohamed Salah
23+26901India at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
24+22Ready Player One (film)
25+34Marvel Cinematic Universe
26+25689Patrick Reed
27+1List of highest-grossing films
28+63Dwayne Johnson
29+305John Krasinski
30+1266Rampage (2018 film)
31+229Emily Blunt
32+171Mark Zuckerberg
33+175Baaghi 2
34+67Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
36-12United States
37+738Glenn Quinn
39-14Donald Trump
40+11902018 NFL Draft
41+592André the Giant
42+251UFC 223
43+53P. T. Barnum
44+4XXX (2002 film)
45+7Cristiano Ronaldo
46+314Westworld (TV series)
47-8List of Hindi films of 2018
48+6056List of stations owned or operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group
49-2The Greatest Showman
50+95John Paul Getty III
51+720Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
53+118J. Paul Getty
55+3017Bill Cosby
56+159Martin Luther King Jr.
57+675Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
58+160Charles, Prince of Wales
59+3061Commonwealth Games
61+62018 in film
62+539Captain Marvel (film)
63+6452Lost in Space
66+3586Meek Mill
67+16Adolf Hitler
68+6569420 (cannabis culture)
69+540George W. Bush
70+54John Cena
71+2978Allison Mack
72+1339Jesus Christ Superstar
73++Dale Winton
74+58Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
75+73381Michelle Wolf
77+1537Truth or Dare (2018 film)
79-4World War II
80+5059Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
81-11Lionel Messi
82-162018 FIFA World Cup
83+343Elizabeth Olsen
85+320Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
86-60Elon Musk
87-86Stephen Hawking
88+444Conor McGregor
89+67LeBron James
90-3Riverdale (2017 TV series)
91+1177Commonwealth of Nations
92+2446List of most expensive films
93+2066Khabib Nurmagomedov
95+1515A Series of Unfortunate Events
96+127Jeffrey Dahmer
97+1369Venom (2018 film)
98+152Post Malone
99+3Ready Player One
100+6496James Comey
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