The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2015
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# Changes Title Popularity
201-166Baahubali: The Beginning
202+2MasterChef (American season 6)
203+223Standard deviation
205-91Terminator Genisys
207-50Fast & Furious
209+70Sia (musician)
210-174Pretty Little Liars
211+56John F. Kennedy
212++Kerala State Water Transport Department
213-95Manchester United F.C.
214+122Tesla, Inc.
216+324Sam Smith
217++Robert Black (serial killer)
218+743Empire (2015 TV series)
219+1973List of current United States senators
220+241Justin Bieber
221+593List of The Big Bang Theory episodes
222+1598Stone Cold Steve Austin
223+213Mark Zuckerberg
224+23We Are Your Friends (film)
225+234European Union
226+496Mila Kunis
227+631The Maze Runner
228-100Inside Out (2015 film)
229-81Orange Is the New Black
230+20545Cardinal (Catholic Church)
232+870Dancing with the Stars (American TV series)
235+37List of TCP and UDP port numbers
236+87Ronald Reagan
237+106Supergirl (TV series)
238+827Kim Zolciak-Biermann
239+5749Frank Abagnale
240-9Viking (disambiguation)
241+235552015 FIBA Asia Championship
242+16736Rai stones
243+56Climate change
244-8Michael Jackson
245+23602Pedro II of Brazil
246+92800Jackie Collins
247+82The Beatles
248+888Tom Brady
250+139New Zealand
251+235The X Factor (British TV series)
252+450The Voice (American TV series)
253+266Periodic table
254+962George Washington
255-131Attack on Titan
256+22399Refugees of the Syrian civil war
257+5140Mongol Empire
258+3925Arvind Swami
259+22The Flash (2014 TV series)
260+607Keira Knightley
261+10541Leviathan (disambiguation)
262-241Stanford University
263+1152The X Factor (British series 12)
264+4396IOS version history
265+257Grand Theft Auto
266+122Rami Malek
267+44George W. Bush
268+76Hawaii Five-O
270+769Alexa PenaVega
271+3582The Bastard Executioner
272+461Joe Biden
273-8Arrow (TV series)
274+945Blindspot (TV series)
275+1506Legend (2015 film)
276+82UFC 191
278-57Dwayne Johnson
281-138List of highest-grossing films
282+12990Carol Burnett
283-146Dragon Ball Super
284+575FIFA 16
285+8027List of Ghost Adventures episodes
286+804The Maze Runner (film)
288-274Fantastic Four (2015 film)
289+6744Limitless (TV series)
290+332Edward Snowden
292+616567th Primetime Emmy Awards
293+16193John Boehner
295+32Hong Kong
296+4336Volkswagen Group
297+208Selena Gomez
298-4Miley Cyrus
299+641Walt Disney
300+152American Civil War
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