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101+43634War Machine (mixed martial artist)
103-43Webserver directory index
104+172List of films based on Marvel Comics publications
105+45Avengers: Age of Ultron
106+12902Dead Poets Society
107+17Coverage of Google Street View
108+6666Christy Mack
1090Star Wars: The Force Awakens
110-69Fifty Shades of Grey
111+9United Kingdom
112+13Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
113+1105Singham Returns
114+48Barack Obama
115+91Donald Arthur
116+6879Howard the Duck
118+6520Independence Day (India)
119-39Dan Bilzerian
120+923The Giver
121+2Supernatural (American TV series)
123+61Michael Jackson
125+24The Big Bang Theory
126+191Bruce Lee
127+91Floyd Mayweather Jr.
128+266Sylvester Stallone
129+125Shailene Woodley
130++Zoë Quinn
131+20Drake (musician)
132+1Arsenal F.C.
133+199The Amazing Spider-Man 2
134-119Transformers: Age of Extinction
135++List of products manufactured by Gibson Guitar Corporation
136+83730Censored Eleven
137+120Boosie Badazz
138+7508Good Will Hunting
139+112MasterChef (American season 5)
140+12Scarlett Johansson
141-6Sunny Leone
142+21True Blood
143+1461Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
144+5357Humphrey Bogart
145-41Chelsea F.C.
146-17Hercules (2014 film)
147-15Adolf Hitler
148++Congressional Record
149+74Mahatma Gandhi
150-37The Strain (TV series)
151+10Liverpool F.C.
152+637Laura Prepon
154+14List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes
155-57List of pornographic performers by decade
156+25596Kit Kat
157+193Bill Gates
158-42The Walking Dead (TV series)
159+39600Red Velvet (group)
160+54163Guardians of the Galaxy (soundtrack)
161+80Angelina Jolie
162-68FC Barcelona
163+2104Mario Balotelli
165+1040Joan Rivers
166+967Anjaan (2014 film)
167+54Kim Kardashian
168+894George Washington
169-99Cristiano Ronaldo
170+78515List of diplomatic missions of the United States
172+123Martin Luther King Jr.
173++Maryam Mirzakhani
174+1716Whitney Houston
175+749PK (film)
176+220166th Primetime Emmy Awards
177+364UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. Saint Preux
178-34X-Men: Days of Future Past
179-36Robert Downey Jr.
180-74Dwayne Johnson
181+257Narendra Modi
182+419Zoe Saldana
184+26Chandelier (song)
185+7Lil Wayne
186+93List of The Legend of Korra episodes
187+25Kevin Gates
188+3Rich Homie Quan
189-20Attack on Titan
190+14List of Running Man episodes
191-46Frozen (2013 film)
194+593Water ionizer
195+197Jennifer Lawrence
197+177True Blood (season 7)
198+2386Tom Waits
199+5663Christopher Reeve
200-108Edge of Tomorrow
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