The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2014
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+112014 FIFA World Cup
2+2373FIFA World Cup
3+1Game of Thrones
4+2172010 FIFA World Cup
5+65Transformers: Age of Extinction
6+152014 in film
7+1Lists of deaths by year
8+472014 FIFA World Cup squads
9+35Cristiano Ronaldo
11+50Lionel Messi
12-10X-Men: Days of Future Past
14+37364Rik Mayall
15+177862006 FIFA World Cup
16-1Iggy Azalea
17+2633Slender Man
18+85Edge of Tomorrow
19+537United States men's national soccer team
20+2591List of FIFA World Cup finals
21+163Brazil national football team
22-4United States
23+499Normandy landings
25+6667Islamic State
26+14Maleficent (film)
27+11022002 FIFA World Cup
28+4Fargo (TV series)
29+3736List of Orange Is the New Black episodes
30+20801994 FIFA World Cup
32+400Germany national football team
33+16552018 FIFA World Cup
34+353The Fault in Our Stars (film)
35+1069Luis Suárez
36+132The Transformers (TV series)
37+177Casey Kasem
39-22X-Men (film series)
40+1497Costa Rica
410Penny Dreadful (TV series)
42+2229World War I
43+55Lana Del Rey
44+197Ek Villain
45+638Netherlands national football team
46+22461James Rodríguez
47-17Ariana Grande
48+4830Money in the Bank (2014)
49+29List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters
50+875How to Train Your Dragon 2
51+19981998 FIFA World Cup
52+648Tim Duncan
53+8023Bowe Bergdahl
54-25World War II
57+359Spain national football team
58+32Angelina Jolie
59+1336Rafael Nadal
60-21Michael Jackson
61+293England national football team
63+3251Maria Sharapova
64+8List of Game of Thrones characters
65+431Argentina national football team
68+99122 Jump Street
70+149Jennifer Lopez
73-40Frozen (2013 film)
74-47Dan Bilzerian
75-18United Kingdom
76-31Climate change
77+859Father's Day
79+748Italy national football team
80-21Breaking Bad
81+24012014 FIFA World Cup qualification
82+7131List of Orange Is the New Black characters
83+53LeBron James
84+5268Kawhi Leonard
85+57Shailene Woodley
86+33711990 FIFA World Cup
87+7618Thomas Müller
88+31102022 FIFA World Cup
89+3295Sunny Leone
90+6640List of FIFA World Cup records and statistics
91+2880Ivory Coast
92-45Adolf Hitler
93-29Attack on Titan
94+989France national football team
95-35Barack Obama
96+1834Mexico national football team
97-62The Big Bang Theory
98-93Godzilla (2014 film)
99+725Belgium national football team
100-5124: Live Another Day
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