The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2011
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# Changes Title Popularity
10HTTP 404
2+99Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
3+138Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
5+3Lists of deaths by year
6+546Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
7+93Elizabeth II
9+449Diana, Princess of Wales
12+20George VI
13+773Charles, Prince of Wales
15+3229Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
16-6Sucker punch (disambiguation)
19+244Fast Five
21+8Glee (TV series)
22+25Rebecca Black
23-1United States
24+4540Yuri Gagarin
25+1126Charlie Chaplin
26+1893British royal family
27+912Scream 4
28+4851420 (cannabis culture)
29+6List of Glee episodes
30+190Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
31+1160Game of Thrones
32+13230Pippa Middleton
33-8Justin Bieber
35+1499Portal 2
36+2Lady Gaga
37+23The Office (American TV series)
38+2019Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
39+26Adolf Hitler
42+107Lists of Doctor Who episodes
43+116CeeLo Green
44+73035John James Audubon
47+90WrestleMania XXVII
48+82Production of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
49-32Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
50+199Donald Trump
51+11Sex position
52+2151Succession to the British throne
53+208George V
54-10Dr. Dre
55+1049Fast & Furious
56+114Edward VIII
57+7List of Glee characters
58+8List of pornographic performers by decade
60+20605Sathya Sai Baba
61-54Charlie Sheen
62+23List of presidents of the United States
63-6How I Met Your Mother
64-10World War II
65+18The Big Bang Theory
66+26Lil Wayne
67+44Barack Obama
68+5358Good Friday
69+262Mortal Kombat (2011 video game)
70-58Chernobyl disaster
71+4793Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
72+53Dwayne Johnson
73+14Supernatural (disambiguation)
74+134Real Madrid CF
75+1098April Fools' Day
76-15United Kingdom
77+3820Princess Eugenie
79-5Drake (musician)
80+6752Earth Day
81+1986Edge (wrestler)
82-40Chris Brown
84-3Martin Luther King Jr.
85-40Mark Zuckerberg
86+164John F. Kennedy
87-32Selena Gomez
88-68First Libyan Civil War
89+32Hypertext Transfer Protocol
90+18Dancing with the Stars (American season 12)
91+47Webserver directory index
92-6List of How I Met Your Mother episodes
94+32Katy Perry
95-16Google Search
96+133The Undertaker
98+261Doctor Who
99+14List of The Big Bang Theory episodes
100+3563Anne, Princess Royal
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