Buildings popularity ranking in English Wikipedia
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+10USP Florence ADMAX
20Great Wall of China
40Hagia Sophia
5-4White House
6+3Notre-Dame de Paris
7+1Auschwitz concentration camp
8-1Buckingham Palace
9-4Berlin Wall
10+6Eton College
11+2Empire State Building
12+11Westminster Abbey
13+5Guantanamo Bay detention camp
140The Pentagon
15+6Windsor Castle
16+13Heathrow Airport
17+2Pantheon, Rome
18+4Sagrada Família
19+5St. Peter's Basilica
20+7Palace of Versailles
21+177The Dakota
22-5Sandringham House
23+2One World Trade Center
24+4Angkor Wat
26+63National Film Registry
27+7Neuschwanstein Castle
28-16United States Capitol
29+1Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
30+7Walt Disney World
31+9John F. Kennedy International Airport
32+7Three Gorges Dam
34+2Hadrian's Wall
35-4Palace of Westminster
36-26Bohemian Grove
37+13Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
38+13Los Angeles International Airport
39++AT&T Building (Nashville)
40+2Moscow Kremlin
41+11SoFi Stadium
42+12O'Hare International Airport
43+2Sydney Opera House
44+26Studio 54
45+4St Paul's Cathedral
46-1310 Downing Street
47-41Berlin Brandenburg Airport
48+16Church of the Holy Sepulchre
49+6Giza pyramid complex
50+12Willis Tower
51-8Boca Juniors
52-5Acropolis of Athens
54-1Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
55+62Emirates Stadium
560Sistine Chapel
57+1Temple of Artemis
58-12Hoover Dam
59++Cefnllys Castle
60+830Krestovsky Stadium
61+7Dubai International Airport
62+4Saint Basil's Cathedral
63-15Dachau concentration camp
64++Temple of Dendur
65+18Madison Square Garden
66+6Metropolitan Museum of Art
67+29Gatwick Airport
68-8Stadio San Paolo
69-25Clarence House
70+20Wembley Stadium
71-6Florence Cathedral
72+13Charles de Gaulle Airport
73+9Denver International Airport
74+20Toronto Pearson International Airport
75+342Church of the Nativity
76+5Dulles International Airport
77++Osborne Apartments
78-58Highgrove House
79+16Indira Gandhi International Airport
80-7Museum of Modern Art
81+475Parliament House (India)
82+11Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
83+9Changi Airport
84-4The Shard
85-14Catacombs of Paris
86+38Konark Sun Temple
87+34LaGuardia Airport
88+20Newark Liberty International Airport
89+9Maginot Line
90+32Logan International Airport
91+10Istanbul Airport
92-8Lumen Field
93+19Chartres Cathedral
94+21Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
95+23Abbey Road Studios
96+17San Francisco International Airport
97+66Highclere Castle
100-13Allegiant Stadium
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