Daftar lagu daerah Indonesia


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Daftar lagu daerah Indonesia

Article "Daftar lagu daerah Indonesia" in Indonesian Wikipedia has 44.4 points for quality (as of March 1, 2021). The article contains, among others metrics, 1 references and 36 sections.

Achievements in February 2021:
Indonesian Wikipedia:
The 293rd most popular in Indonesian Wikipedia.
The 775th most editable in Indonesian Wikipedia.

In February 2021 the article "Daftar lagu daerah Indonesia" was edited by 4 authors in Indonesian Wikipedia (775th place) and written by 4 authors in all languages.

Since the creation of article "Daftar lagu daerah Indonesia", its content was written by 266 authors in Indonesian Wikipedia (278th place) and edited by 266 authors in all languages.

The article is cited 38 times in Indonesian Wikipedia and cited 38 times in all languages.

The highest Authors’ Interest rank from 2002:

  • Local (Indonesian): #10 in October 2007
  • Global: #67827 in August 2020

The highest popularity rank from 2008:

  • Local (Indonesian): #5 in November 2013
  • Global: #11285 in September 2014

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