Marek Lambora


Marek Lambora - Czech actor. This person is the 972nd most popular in Czech Wikipedia. Article "Marek Lambora" in Czech Wikipedia has 30.9 points for quality (as of June 1, 2023). The article contains 17 references and 7 sections.

Achievements in all the time:
Czech Wikipedia:
The 4318th most popular in Czech Wikipedia.
The 972nd most popular in people in Czech Wikipedia.
Achievements in the last month:
Czech Wikipedia:
The 277th most popular in Czech Wikipedia in the last month.

Since the creation of article "Marek Lambora", its content was written by 32 registered users of Czech Wikipedia and edited by 32 registered Wikipedia users in all languages.

Marek Lambora is on the 972nd place in local ranking of people on Czech Wikipedia in all the time.

The article is cited 30 times in Czech Wikipedia and cited 30 times in all languages.

The highest Authors Interest rank from 2001:

  • Local (Czech): #80 in May 2020
  • Global: #92460 in February 2021

The highest popularity rank from 2008:

  • Local (Czech): #28 in September 2019
  • Global: #84267 in March 2020

There is 1 language version for this article in WikiRank database (of the considered 55 Wikipedia language editions).

The quality and popularity assessment was based on Wikipedia dumps from June 1, 2023 (including revision history and pageviews for previous years).


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