Books popularity ranking in English Wikipedia
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# Title Popularity
101Waiting for Godot
102Divergent (novel)
103The Tempest
104The Little Mermaid
105American Psycho
106Uncle Tom's Cabin
107Catching Fire
108The Kite Runner
110Porno (novel)
111The Crucible
112Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
113The Lesser Key of Solomon
114American Gods
115Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
116King Lear
117The Scarlet Letter
118Robinson Crusoe
120Treasure Island
121Thirteen Reasons Why
122The Road
123The War of the Worlds
124The Five Love Languages
125I Am Number Four
126The Merchant of Venice
128The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
129Angels & Demons
130Crime and Punishment
131Grimms' Fairy Tales
132The Metamorphosis
133The Raven
134Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
135Twelfth Night
136Watership Down
137Artemis Fowl
138Death of a Salesman
139On the Road
140The Intelligence of Dogs
141The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
142The Old Man and the Sea
143Starship Troopers
144Peter principle
145A Streetcar Named Desire
146Book of Genesis
147The Communist Manifesto
148The Prince
149Ready Player One
150Agenda 21
151A Wrinkle in Time
152Republic (Plato)
153David Copperfield
154Flowers in the Attic
155Through the Looking-Glass
156Journey to the West
157The Federalist Papers
158The Fountainhead
159The Outsiders (novel)
160One Hundred Years of Solitude
161Batman: The Killing Joke
162Much Ado About Nothing
163New Moon (novel)
164The Book Thief
165Infinite Jest
166Flowers for Algernon
167Oedipus Rex
168The Pillars of the Earth
169I Ching
170The Lovely Bones
171SCP Foundation
172Fifty Shades Darker
173All Quiet on the Western Front
174Encyclopædia Britannica
175Things Fall Apart
176Book of Mormon
177The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
178In Cold Blood
179The Time Machine
180First they came ...
181Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
182The Lost Symbol
183The Color Purple
185A Storm of Swords
186The Shining (novel)
187The Importance of Being Earnest
188Gospel of Matthew
189Sense and Sensibility
190The Diary of a Young Girl
191On the Origin of Species
193The Taming of the Shrew
194The Haunting of Hill House
195Where the Crawdads Sing
196The Southern Vampire Mysteries
197The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
198The Snow Queen
199Where the Wild Things Are
200Rip Van Winkle
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