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Aleksandar Veliki

Article "Aleksandar Veliki" in Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia has 32.2289 points for quality and 0.5172 points for popularity. The article contains, among others metrics, 0 references and 7 sections. This article has the best quality in English Wikipedia. Also, this article is the most popular in that language version.

59 place in the multilingual rating of people.
66 place in the rating of Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia.
177 place in the multilingual rating of all topics.

Aleksandar Veliki - king of Macedon. There are 55 language versions for this article in WikiRank database (of the considered 55 Wikipedia language editions).

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The table below shows the language versions of the article with the highest quality.

Languages with the highest quality

#LanguageQuality gradeQuality score
Alexander the Great
Александр Македонский
Alexandre le Grand
Alexandre, o Grande
الإسكندر الأكبر

The following table shows the most popular language versions of the article.

The most popular languages

#LanguagePopularity gradePopularity score
Alexander the Great
Alejandro Magno
Александр Македонский
Alexander der Große
Alexandre le Grand


Local AI (Serbo-Croatian): 0
Global AI: 147
Local popularity (Serbo-Croatian): 617
Local popularity - daily: 20
Global popularity: 332424

Quality measures


AR: الإسكندر الأكبرAZ: Makedoniyalı İsgəndərBE: Аляксандр МакедонскіBG: Александър III МакедонскиCA: Alexandre el GranCS: Alexandr VelikýDA: Alexander den StoreDE: Alexander der GroßeEL: Αλέξανδρος ο ΜέγαςEN: Alexander the GreatEO: Aleksandro la GrandaES: Alejandro MagnoET: Aleksander SuurEU: Alexandro HandiaFA: اسکندرFI: Aleksanteri SuuriFR: Alexandre le GrandGL: Alexandre o GrandeHE: אלכסנדר הגדולHI: सिकंदरHR: Aleksandar VelikiHU: III. Alexandrosz makedón királyHY: Ալեքսանդր ՄակեդոնացիID: Aleksander AgungIT: Alessandro MagnoJA: アレクサンドロス3世KA: ალექსანდრე მაკედონელიKK: Ескендір ЗұлқарнайынKO: 알렉산드로스 3세 메가스LA: Alexander MagnusLT: Aleksandras MakedonietisMS: Alexander AgungNL: Alexander de GroteNN: Aleksander den storeNO: Aleksander den storePL: Aleksander MacedońskiPT: Alexandre, o GrandeRO: Alexandru cel MareRU: Александр МакедонскийSH: Aleksandar VelikiSIMPLE: Alexander the GreatSK: Alexander VeľkýSL: Aleksander VelikiSR: Александар ВеликиSV: Alexander den storeTA: பேரரசர் அலெக்சாந்தர்TH: อเล็กซานเดอร์มหาราชTR: İskenderUK: Александр МакедонськийUR: سکندر اعظمUZ: AleksandrVI: Alexandros Đại đếVO: Alexander GretikZH: 亚历山大大帝ZHMINNAN: Alexandros Tāi-tè

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Quality and popularity formulas for the article Aleksandar Veliki SH

$$Quality=1/c∑↙{i=1}↖c nm_i-RS=1/5(99.97+0+20+41.18+0)$$


$$AI(global)=∑↙{i=1}↖55 AI(lang_i)=147\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\,\, Pop(global)=∑↙{i=1}↖55 Pop(lang_i)=332424$$


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