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UEFA Čempionų lyga

Article "UEFA Čempionų lyga" in Lithuanian Wikipedia has 27.3136 points for quality and 0.169 points for popularity. The article contains, among others metrics, 1 references and 5 sections.

This article has the best quality in Dutch Wikipedia. However, the most popular language version of this article is English.
3310th place in the rating of Lithuanian Wikipedia.
280th place in the multilingual rating of all topics.

There are 52 language versions for this article in WikiRank database (of the considered 55 Wikipedia language editions).

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The table below shows the language versions of the article with the highest quality.

Languages with the highest quality

#LanguageQuality gradeQuality score
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League
Liga de Campeones de la UEFA
யூஈஎஃப்ஏ வாகையர் கூட்டிணைவு
دوري أبطال أوروبا

The following table shows the most popular language versions of the article.

The most popular languages

#LanguagePopularity gradePopularity score
UEFA Champions League
Liga de Campeones de la UEFA
Ligue des champions de l'UEFA
UEFA Champions League
Лига чемпионов УЕФА


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AR: دوري أبطال أوروباAZ: UEFA Çempionlar LiqasıBE: Ліга чэмпіёнаў УЕФАBG: Шампионска лига на УЕФАCA: Lliga de Campions de la UEFACS: Liga mistrů UEFADA: UEFA Champions LeagueDE: UEFA Champions LeagueEL: ΟΥΕΦΑ Τσάμπιονς ΛιγκEN: UEFA Champions LeagueEO: Ligo de Ĉampionoj de UEFAES: Liga de Campeones de la UEFAET: UEFA Meistrite LiigaEU: UEFAko Txapeldunen LigaFA: لیگ قهرمانان اروپاFI: Mestarien liigaFR: Ligue des champions de l'UEFAGL: Liga de Campións da UEFAHE: ליגת האלופותHI: यूईएफए चैंपियंस लीगHR: UEFA Liga prvakaHU: UEFA-bajnokok ligájaHY: ՈՒԵՖԱ Չեմպիոնների ԼիգաID: Liga Champions UEFAIT: UEFA Champions LeagueJA: UEFAチャンピオンズリーグKA: უეფა-ს ჩემპიონთა ლიგაKK: УЕФА Чемпиондар ЛигасыKO: UEFA 챔피언스리그LT: UEFA Čempionų lygaMS: Liga Juara-Juara UEFANL: UEFA Champions LeagueNN: Champions LeagueNO: Mesterligaen i fotball for mennPL: Liga Mistrzów UEFAPT: Liga dos Campeões da UEFARO: Liga Campionilor UEFARU: Лига чемпионов УЕФАSH: UEFA Liga prvakaSIMPLE: UEFA Champions LeagueSK: Liga majstrov UEFASL: Nogometna Liga prvakovSR: УЕФА Лига шампионаSV: Uefa Champions LeagueTA: யூஈஎஃப்ஏ வாகையர் கூட்டிணைவுTH: ยูฟ่าแชมเปียนส์ลีกTR: UEFA Şampiyonlar LigiUK: Ліга чемпіонів УЄФАUR: یوئیفا چیمپئنز لیگUZ: UEFA Chempionlar LigasiVI: UEFA Champions LeagueZH: 欧洲冠军联赛

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