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Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы Назарбаев

Article "Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы Назарбаев" in Kazakh Wikipedia has 48.372 points for quality and 14.5706 points for popularity. The article contains, among others metrics, 11 references and 18 sections. This article has the best quality in English Wikipedia. However, the most popular language version of this article is Russian.

1151 place in the multilingual rating of people.
16 place in the rating of Kazakh Wikipedia.
5195 place in the multilingual rating of all topics.

Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы Назарбаев - first president of Kazakhstan. There are 53 language versions for this article in WikiRank database (of the considered 55 Wikipedia language editions).

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The table below shows the language versions of the article with the highest quality.

Languages with the highest quality

#LanguageQuality gradeQuality score
Nursultan Nazarbayev
Назарбаев, Нурсултан Абишевич
Nursulton Nazarboyev
نور سلطان نزارباييف
Noursoultan Nazarbaïev

The following table shows the most popular language versions of the article.

The most popular languages

#LanguagePopularity gradePopularity score
Назарбаев, Нурсултан Абишевич
Nursultan Nazarbayev
Nursultan Ábishuly Nazarbaev
Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы Назарбаев
Nursultan Nasarbajew


Local AI (Kazakh): 0
Global AI: 79
Local popularity (Kazakh): 4064
Local popularity - daily: 133
Global popularity: 76086

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AR: نور سلطان نزارباييفAZ: Nursultan NazarbayevBE: Нурсултан Абішавіч НазарбаеўBG: Нурсултан НазарбаевCA: Nursultan Abixulí NazarbàievCS: Nursultan NazarbajevDA: Nursultan NaserbajevDE: Nursultan NasarbajewEL: Νουρσουλτάν ΝαζαρμπάγεφEN: Nursultan NazarbayevEO: Nursultan NazarbajevES: Nursultán NazarbáyevET: Nursultan NazarbajevEU: Nursultan NazarbajevFA: نورسلطان نظربایفFI: Nursultan NazarbajevFR: Noursoultan NazarbaïevGL: Nursultan NazarbayevHE: נורסולטן נזרבייבHI: नूर्सुल्तान नाज़र्बायवHR: Nursultan NazarbajevHU: Nurszultan Abisuli NazarbajevHY: Նուրսուլթան ՆազարբաևID: Nursultan NazarbayevIT: Nursultan Ábishuly NazarbaevJA: ヌルスルタン・ナザルバエフKA: ნურსულთან ნაზარბაევიKK: Нұрсұлтан Әбішұлы НазарбаевKO: 누르술탄 나자르바예프LA: Nursultan NazarbaevLT: Nursultanas NazarbajevasMS: Nursultan NazarbayevNL: Noersoeltan NazarbajevNN: Nursultan NazarbajevNO: Nursultan NazarbajevPL: Nursułtan NazarbajewPT: Nursultan NazarbaevRO: Nursultan NazarbaevRU: Назарбаев, Нурсултан АбишевичSH: Nursultan NazarbajevSIMPLE: Nursultan NazarbayevSL: Nursultan Abiševič NazarbajevSR: Нурсултан НазарбајевSV: Nursultan NazarbajevTA: நுர்சுல்தான் நசர்பாயெவ்TH: นูร์ซุลตัน นาซาร์บายิฟTR: Nursultan NazarbayevUK: Назарбаєв Нурсултан АбішовичUR: نورسلطان نظربایفUZ: Nursulton NazarboyevVI: Nursultan NazarbayevZH: 努尔苏丹·纳扎尔巴耶夫ZHMINNAN: Nursultan Nazarbayev

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