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Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

Article "Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim" in Finnish Wikipedia has 100 points for quality and 49.8519 points for popularity. The article contains, among others metrics, 276 references and 41 sections. In this language version of Wikipedia the article has the best quality. However, the most popular language version of this article is Russian.

4042 place in the multilingual rating of people.
120 place in the rating of Finnish Wikipedia.

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim - Finnish military leader and statesman. There are 49 language versions for this article in WikiRank database (of the considered 55 Wikipedia language editions).

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The table below shows the language versions of the article with the highest quality.

Languages with the highest quality

#LanguageQuality gradeQuality score
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
칼 구스타프 에밀 만네르헤임 남작

The following table shows the most popular language versions of the article.

The most popular languages

#LanguagePopularity gradeRelative popularity
Маннергейм, Карл Густав Эмиль
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim


Local AI (Finnish): 2
Global AI: 24
Local popularity (Finnish): 3702
Local popularity - daily: 124
Global popularity: 28221
Global popularity - daily: 912

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AR: كارل غوستاف إميل مانرهايمAZ: Karl Qustav Emil MannerheymBE: Карл Густаў Эміль МанэргеймBG: Карл Густав МанерхеймCA: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimCS: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimDA: Carl Gustaf MannerheimDE: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimEL: Καρλ Γκούσταφ Έμιλ ΜάνερχαϊμEN: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimEO: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimES: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimET: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimEU: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimFA: کارل گوستاف امیل مانرهایمFI: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimFR: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimGL: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimHE: קארל גוסטף אמיל מנרהייםHR: Carl Gustav Emil MannerheimHU: Carl Gustaf Emil von MannerheimHY: Կարլ ՄաներհայմID: C.G.E. MannerheimIT: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimJA: カール・グスタフ・エミール・マンネルヘイムKA: გუსტავ მანერჰაიმიKK: Маннергейм Карл Густав ЭмильKO: 칼 구스타프 에밀 만네르헤임 남작LA: Gustavus MannerheimLT: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimMS: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimNL: Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (Fins president)NN: Carl Gustaf MannerheimNO: Carl Gustaf MannerheimPL: Carl Gustaf MannerheimPT: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimRO: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimRU: Маннергейм, Карл Густав ЭмильSH: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimSIMPLE: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimSK: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimSL: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimSR: Карл МанерхајмSV: Gustaf MannerheimTH: คาร์ล กุสตาฟ เอมิล มันเนอร์เฮมTR: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimUK: Карл Густав МаннергеймVI: Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimZH: 卡尔·古斯塔夫·埃米尔·曼纳海姆

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$$Quality=1/c∑↙{i=1}↖c nm_i-RS=1/5(100+100+100+100+100)$$


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