Democratic Party (United States)

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Democratic Party (United States)

Article "Democratic Party (United States)" in English Wikipedia has 92.0567 points for quality and 100 points for popularity. The article contains, among others metrics, 321 references and 50 sections.

This article has the best quality in Polish Wikipedia. However, this article is the most popular in current language version.
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The table below shows the language versions of the article with the highest quality.

Languages with the highest quality

#LanguageQuality gradeQuality score
Partia Demokratyczna (Stany Zjednoczone)
Democratic Party (United States)
Partido Demócrata (Estados Unidos)
Demokrata Párt (Amerikai Egyesült Államok)
Đảng Dân chủ (Hoa Kỳ)

The following table shows the most popular language versions of the article.

The most popular languages

#LanguagePopularity gradePopularity score
Democratic Party (United States)
Partido Demócrata (Estados Unidos)
Partido Democrata (Estados Unidos)
Demokratische Partei (Vereinigte Staaten)
Parti démocrate (États-Unis)




AR: الحزب الديمقراطي (الولايات المتحدة)AZ: ABŞ Demokrat PartiyasıBE: Дэмакратычная партыя ЗШАBG: Демократическа партия (САЩ)CA: Partit Demòcrata dels Estats UnitsCS: Demokratická strana (USA)DA: Demokratiske parti (USA)DE: Demokratische Partei (Vereinigte Staaten)EL: Δημοκρατικό Κόμμα (ΗΠΑ)EN: Democratic Party (United States)EO: Demokrata Partio (Usono)ES: Partido Demócrata (Estados Unidos)ET: Demokraatlik Partei (USA)EU: Ameriketako Estatu Batuetako Alderdi DemokrataFA: حزب دموکرات (ایالات متحده آمریکا)FI: Yhdysvaltain demokraattinen puolueFR: Parti démocrate (États-Unis)GL: Partido Demócrata (Estados Unidos de América)HE: המפלגה הדמוקרטיתHI: डेमोक्रैटिक पार्टी (संयुक्त राज्य)HR: Demokratska stranka (SAD)HU: Demokrata Párt (Amerikai Egyesült Államok)HY: ԱՄՆ դեմոկրատական կուսակցությունID: Partai Demokrat (Amerika Serikat)IT: Partito Democratico (Stati Uniti d'America)JA: 民主党 (アメリカ)KA: დემოკრატიული პარტია (აშშ)KK: Демократиялық партия (АҚШ)KO: 민주당 (미국)LA: Factio democratica (Civitates Foederatae)LT: JAV demokratų partijaMS: Parti Demokrat (Amerika Syarikat)NL: Democratische Partij (Verenigde Staten)NN: Det demokratiske partiet i USANO: Det demokratiske parti (USA)PL: Partia Demokratyczna (Stany Zjednoczone)PT: Partido Democrata (Estados Unidos)RO: Partidul Democrat (Statele Unite ale Americii)RU: Демократическая партия (США)SH: Demokratska stranka SADSIMPLE: Democratic Party (United States)SK: Demokratická strana (USA)SL: Demokratska stranka (ZDA)SR: Демократска странка (САД)SV: Demokratiska partietTA: மக்களாட்சிக் கட்சி (ஐக்கிய அமெரிக்கா)TH: พรรคเดโมแครต (สหรัฐ)TR: Demokratik Parti (Amerika Birleşik Devletleri)UK: Демократична партія СШАUR: ڈیموکریٹک پارٹی (ریاستہائے متحدہ)UZ: Demokratlar partiyasiVI: Đảng Dân chủ (Hoa Kỳ)ZH: 民主党 (美国)ZHMINNAN: Bîn-chú-tóng (Bí-kok)

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